Managing Director EMEA

Location: London | Full-Time

The Role
The Managing Director EMEA role will be a senior sales leadership role, managing all revenue for Europe, Middle East and Africa. The role requires the development and closing of enterprise deals in the $250K-$1M range of annual recurring revenue. The role will be responsible for all sales, customer success and technical solutions personnel catering to the EMEA market (with some of the personnel dual-reporting to global functional leaders of those teams). The role will report to Michael Duff, Senior Vice President Global Sales.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in enterprise SaaS software sales to marketing executives at Fortune 1000/Global 2000 brands. Experience in marketing and advertising technology companies is expected. Some sales management experience is desired but not required. The ideal candidate will have skills in pipeline development and management, forecasting and have a strong track record of meeting and exceeding revenue goals. Experience with data driven marketing and advertising technologies would be highly desirable.

The Opportunity
The opportunity for the right candidate is to continue to grow and scale the Jivox business which is growing overall 50% year over year. The ideal candidate will be expected to continue to grow sales and then expand the team to add additional sales personnel to continue to scale revenue into 2023 and beyond. The current annualized recurring revenue for EMEA is approximately $4M. Key existing customers include Nike EMEA, P&G, Vodafone and Mazda Europe.

Jivox Corporation Business Overview

About Jivox
Jivox enables large global brands to personalize experiences and engagement with consumers to drive eCommerce sales. According to a survey by Accenture in 2018 of over 8000 global consumers, “91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember and provide relevant offers and recommendations”. In 2019 Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever said “The whole area of data-driven marketing and personalization is going to continue to be the engine of growth in marketing. We are still not doing it as well as we can” in that same year “Personalization” was named the word of the year in the ANA’s annual survey. Nike EMEA has reported a $42M growth in net sales attributable to the use of Jivox. Procter and Gamble has reported 50% growth in

Personalization presents two primary technological challenges – first, how can brands cost effectively produce vast amounts of personalized content tailored to individual consumers and second, how do brands ensure this content is delivered to consumers using data to precisely targeted consumers with the right content based on their preferences and optimize the delivery of the content to ensure maximum engagement and product sales.

The Jivox Personalized Marketing Cloud enables global brands like P&G, Nike, Vodafone, TMobile, The Gap, Williams-Sonoma, IBM, Facebook and Mazda to dynamically customize their content, use data and AI algorithms to determine the relevant content and moments across all marketing channels to engage a consumer to purchase.

Key Capabilities
Jivox’ patented Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) technology enables brands to automate the generation of precisely tailored marketing content, uses data and AI technology to determine the optimal content and context to engage the consumer and ensures the content is delivered via various marketing channels. There are 3 key components of Jivox’ technology:

Dynamic Canvas
This technology integrates with a brands content and creative platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Digital Asset Management systems and other content management systems to dynamically generate content tailored to a consumer. By using “creative masters” which are a visual skeleton of a messaging format, and images or videos of products, language variations, pricing feeds etc., Jivox’s dynamic canvas technology dynamically in real-time, generates thousands to 100s of thousands of variations with different products, offers, languages and contextual messaging across several digital channels to engage consumers to purchase.

Jivox patented DecisionGraph technology uses rules and AI-based algorithms to determine what messaging to deliver to each consumer at a contextually relevant time. Using real-time access to consumer data and engagement related feedback the technology can “sense-andrespond” to user actions and ensure maximum consumer engagement that leads to purchase. Using a 1st identity solution called IQiD, Jivox ensures personalization even after 3rd party cookies are deprecated as Google plans to.

Omni-Channel Delivery
Jivox technology is fully integrated with various media and content platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google Display Network, Programmatic Media platforms like the TradeDesk, Criteo etc. and can ensure consumer engagement and conversion occurs across all of the channels the consumer may engage with the brand.

ROI for Customers
Jivox has delivered significant ROI to its customers, most of whom are large F1000 companies. Bayer has reported a 325% increase in click-through rates, P&G saw a 50% increase in campaign effectiveness (brand recall and other metrics), Signet increased their conversions by 85% and last but not least Nike EMEA reported a $42M increase in sales attributed to their use of Jivox technology.

How To Apply
Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their resume in Word or PDF format to [email protected] with the job description in the email subject line.

Jivox is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)