Bridging the gap: consumer privacy & personalization

Pew Research has found that nearly 80% of U.S. adults are concerned about how companies use their personal digital data. Results further reveal that 81% of adults feel little or no control over the data companies collect. Even so, the majority of digital marketers (64%) still acknowledge the critical role data plays in the creation and deployment of personalized ads. As an industry, we must bridge the gap and find a balance between consumer privacy and personalization.

Today’s consumers demand relevant messaging and experience from brands. One in every two shoppers wants brands to “send me special offers ONLY available to me.” This is a key reason that makes personalization a top focus for brand marketers.

According to a survey from the Association of National Advertisers, the world’s largest membership of brand marketing professionals and CMOs named “personalization” the 2019 word of the year. However, at the same time, consumers demand protection of their personally identifiable information, or PII, which has led to regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Coupled with the demise of third-party cookies, brand marketers are challenged to serve relevant messaging to consumers, at the right time through the right channels in a privacy-centric manner.

Introducing the industry’s first privacy-forward, people-based omnichannel marketing solution

To help digital marketers address these challenges, we are excited to announce an upcoming integration between Jivox and LiveRamp®, the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful. Enabling LiveRamp IdentityLink® within Jivox IQiD™ means we will be able to deliver an industry-first solution for privacy-forward, people-based marketing, where brands can connect their consented first-party data with a publishers’ for a personalized, omnichannel experience.

“We have always embraced privacy efforts, and we believe strongly in protecting consumer privacy,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox CEO. “We also understand consumers’ desire for relevant product offerings and communications with brands. Our partnership with LiveRamp will enable brands to do this effectively without relying on third-party cookies. LiveRamp’s consent and preference management, identity platform, and deterministic identity graph, combined with Jivox’s anonymous ID and online first-party data, will provide brands with the most viable 360-degree personalization solution in this era of consumer data privacy.”

As brands prepare for a post-cookie world, the Jivox/LiveRamp partnership will enable them to:

  • Resolve online and offline data to IdentityLinks while remaining privacy-first and eliminating any dependence on third-party cookies.
  • Leverage consented first-party user data to deliver personalized content via an omnichannel approach across different devices and channels.
  • Better optimize campaign ROI through a true 360-degree view of consumers’ purchase journey and conversion metrics.

“As we prepare the ecosystem for a cookie-less world, we’re partnering with companies, like Jivox, on the future of addressability,” said Anneka Gupta, President and Head of Products and Platforms at LiveRamp. “By embedding LiveRamp’s people-based identifier into Jivox’s solution, marketers will be able to deliver customized web and mobile experiences, where consumers maintain transparency and control of their data in exchange for relevant content and offers.”

To learn more about how your brand can achieve personalization while remaining privacy-first, we invite you to watch Jivox CEO, Diaz Nesamoney in the on-demand webinar discussing “Personalization in a Post-Cookie World.” This presentation was also given on Tuesday, March 3 at LiveRamp’s Summit, RampUp 2020.