What does the future of media look like post COVID?

What significant changes are occurring in the competitive landscape, and what opportunities are being created for streaming services providers? How are key players like Netflix, HBO, Roku and the like shaping the playing field?

What are the consumption habits of the millennials? How valuable is contextual and authentic content?

How important is the channel by channel measurement in omnichannel attribution?

Listen to Ajinkya Joglekar, Head of eCommerce for Xfinity Comcast, and Nimay Parekh, our VP of Product & Growth and the host of this podcast, discuss these trends in the media.


Ajinkya Joglekar leads eCommerce for the Xfinity brand, driving sales growth of Xfinity residential services in the digital channel. Reporting directly to the CMO, Ajinkya manages a high performing team to digitally market and sell Internet, TV, Voice, Home Security, and Mobile services.

Nimay Parekh is VP of Product and Growth at Jivox, the leader in personalized commerce marketing. He is responsible for leading Jivox’s commerce product initiatives and growth. He has over 15 years of experience in cloud, ML and IoT based technologies. He is a TED speaker, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow admit, NASA based Singularity University graduate and MBA from INSEAD.