DCO Case Study: Food & Beverage

A Fortune 500 Alcoholic Beverage Brand Achieves Relevance & Boosts Engagement

CTR Lift

Higher Interaction

Campaign Overview

One of the world’s largest alcoholic beverage companies succeeded in achieving higher consumer engagement with personalized creative during the holiday season. Ran in Great Britain and Spain, this campaign focused on audience segments, combining income, age, interest and product data to deliver relevance – such as personalized whiskey bottles and types of whiskey.

Data-Driven Personalization

  • 58 Unique Creative Variations served across 4 different ad sizes in two different European Markets.
  • Consumer interest and affluence triggered the type of whiskey, ad copy, and CTA.
  • Downstream personalization enabled the brand to deliver relevance through personalized whiskey bottle or gifting themes.
  • Cross-device personalized DCO delivered in real time—achieving a CTR of 5x the industry benchmark.
Beverage Case Study