Automated Analytics. Attribution. Audience.

One place for instant creative and media insights automated by AI. With advanced control and flexibility for power users via Data Clean Room.


Instant insights visualized intuitively so you can improve ROI.


A privacy-first way to connect campaign insights across platforms.

Audience Building

Transform audience insights into high-performing micro-segments.

Actionable Insights, Minimal Effort

Personalization produces a lot of data.
Marketers need a better way to get
actionable insights and boost ROI.

IQ Blaze: With and Without Infographics

A New Era of AI-Automated Analytics

Get Instant Creative Clarity

  • See which creatives are outperforming the rest of the pack with previews built directly into visualizations.
  • Assess real-time campaign data so you can take action on insights.
  • Get an instant snapshot by comparing visuals instead of ad names.

Share Insights Intuitively

  • Build custom Liveboards for the metrics that matter and save for sharing with your team.
  • Your data, your way. Create visualizations with a choice of charts for your KPIs.
  • Present your insights to your colleagues with a click – no screenshots to PowerPoint needed.

It All Starts With a Search

  • It’s like a search engine for your campaign data. Just ask Jivox what insights you are looking for and watch your chart be auto-generated.
  • Drill down to learn more about a specific creative, day, placement and more with one click.
  • AI-powered natural language queries mean anyone can dig deeper into performance, no data science qualifications necessary.
Data clean room

Get More Control With Data Clean Room

Access Jivox’s Data Clean Room, powered by Snowflake, for a secure, privacy-compliant way to combine campaign data with other sources.

  • Query Jivox’s granular campaign data in your own BI tools in real-time for advanced analytics.
  • Connect to partners for privacy-first attribution by connecting partners and auto-matching user IDs.
  • Build audiences from high-performing micro-segments by connecting to data platforms for continuous improvements to campaign strategy.

While consumers appreciate and value personalization, they also expect brands to safeguard their data. As brands implement personalization, they have to pick platforms that can take their data seriously and scale with the data demands they have, both in terms of data coming into the system for personalization, as well as the optimization and attribution that comes out of the platform.

Diaz Nesamoney, President, CEO & Founder, Jivox

Built On Snowflake®

Jivox IQ Blaze is built with industry-leading technology from Snowflake®, providing best-in-class scalability, reliability and performance.

Jivox IQiD

A consistent view of the customer journey requires a first-party identity solution fit for a world without third-party cookies.

Jivox IQiD Identity Graph captures all consented user data across Jivox and connects to a network of other privacy-first identity solutions to give the brands a sustainable way to track performance.

IQiD uses a deterministic methodology, so user devices are linked only via PII (Personally Identifiable Information) when directly utilizing this information.

This enables people-based personalization at scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jivox takes analytics a step further and makes pre-aggregated data in easily accessible formats for marketers.

Marketers can visualize performance in real-time through intuitive Liveboards directly in the Jivox platform. Liveboards can be presented, downloaded as PDFs or exported as .CSV or .XLS spreadsheets and marketers can also set scheduled custom reports or alerts via email.
They can also access all of this data via the brand’s own external BI tools in real-time.

This means, instead of manually exporting, importing and stitching data sets – which can be very time-consuming and error-prone – brands can open up their usual custom analytics dashboards in a BI tool such as Power BI or Tableau and see all Jivox data right there, ready to pull insights ad-hoc.

This enables faster insights for brands, whilst also streamlining the process to avoid any unnecessary errors.

No, Jivox is a marketing analytics, attribution and audience-building application built on top of a Data Clean Room powered by Snowflake, the industry-leader in data clean rooms and scalable data warehousing. This means brands can take advantage of Jivox campaign data housed within the Snowflake-powered Data Clean Room securely and join with their own data in a privacy-compliant manner. Jivox’s deterministic first-party identity graph, IQiD, provides a conistent identifier for users exposed to Jivox campaigns which can then connect to other identity solutions for a consistent view of a user across the customer journey.

Yes, out of the box Jivox provides a set of Liveboards covering creative and media metrics so all users can get visibility on performance. IQ Blaze offers the ability to customize the liveboards, create drill-downs, use AI-powered natural language search to manipulate data, set KPI monitoring alerts, data clean room access and much more.

Jivox offers brands full transparency into the performance data of personalization campaigns.

  • Placement Level: Tracking the contribution of each ad size and media audience.
  • Audience Level: Performance of different data triggers used for decisioning, such as DMP segments, DSP audience IDs and retargeting pixel audiences.
  • Creative Level: Performance of every creative variation generated across the campaign strategy.
  • Asset Level: Performance of every creative asset such as offer, copy, image etc that make up the composition of the creative variation.
  • Impression Level: Impression and conversion reports for all events tracked by users.
Jivox IQ Blaze offers real-time querying of Jivox reporting data via any business intelligence tool or advanced analytics solution that can connect to Snowflake.

If you have questions around a specific tool or use case, please get in touch with our team.

Jivox uses industry-leading technology from Snowflake to power the cloud-powered auto-scaling data warehouse which offers brands unlimited scale, high-speed and superior reliability for their analytics.

In addition to this, working with Snowflake on the Data Clean Room functionality means that brands can connect their partner data via the Snowflake Data Cloud for advanced measurement, identity matching and attribution.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how you can start taking advantage of these features. Our team will be happy to schedule a demo and in-depth discussion of your goals, to see how Jivox can drive success for your brand through tying together personalized creative and customer journey insights through advanced analytics.

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