Enterprise-Grade Personalization

Jivox offers unrivalled scale, a privacy-first architecture and extensibility to provide an enterprise-ready solution for personalization.

Enterprise-Grade Personalization

Nimay Parekh, VP Growth, and Shankar Venkataraman, SVP Product & Engineering, highlight why brands should care about securing 1P identity data.

“For us, security is paramount. Even before all these privacy issues came along, we were always operating with the premise that every piece of data actually has to be treated like first-party identity data.”

Shankar Venkataraman
SVP Product & Engineering, Jivox


Jivox is built for large global enterprises, with 1:1 messaging tailored to individual consumers at scale.

  • Creative Automation: Thousands of variations from one creative master, automatically optimized for best performance
  • Cloud-Based Decisioning And Creative Rendering: Instant capacity for complex logic and speeding the rendering of a large number of creative variations, including videos
  • Neuron™ Machine Learning: Advanced neural networks, deep learning and large in-memory data sets instantly produce insights and decisions to power personalization in real-time, with recommendations and purchase predictions
  • Global Coverage Through AWS Data Centers: Allowing individual organizations to ensure scale by region
  • High Performance Analytics: scalable event processing and data warehouse with technology from Snowflake™ to power granular personalization insights at scale.
Diagram showing how Jivox scales
Jivox platform integrations


Add Jivox to your martech stack. Jivox is pre-integrated with many major systems in the technological ecosystem.

  • Integrations: Full complement of APIs for operating the platform in a headless mode to integrate with your backend systems such as:
    • Bi-directional Digital Asset Management
    • Feed Management
    • Tag Management
    • Metadata & Reporting
  • Self-serve UI to facilitate campaign setup & management, reporting, analytics and insights.
Enterprise partners

Security & Privacy

Now more than ever, it is imperative that data privacy and security are managed to the highest standards. Jivox leads the way in its commitment to safeguard brands and end users.

  • Security: SAML-based single sign on for all platform users.
  • Compliance: SOC 2® Type 2-certified with mechanisms in place for all five trust service principles.
  • Privacy: GDPR TCF 2.0 and CCPA-compliant with a 1st Party Identity Graph for utilizing consented user data within the brand’s domain.
Security & privacy diagram
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Jivox provides large organizations a platform able to replicate the complex hierarchies of users, partners and permissions involved in marketing workflows.

  • Enterprise Account Management captures the organization hierarchy at brand level and all partners (e.g. agencies, tech vendors) can be associated.
  • Creative Approval Workflows enable different stakeholders to have relevant access rights and approvers can comment to provide feedback on previews.

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