Personalization Ads Are Going Up-Funnel

Beet.TV interview with Jivox’s Diaz Nesamoney

President & CEO Diaz Interview


What is Dynamic Canvas Studio? (1:04)

Why does Dynamic Canvas Studio matter? (1:17)

Why are you excited about introducing Dynamic Canvas Studio to the market? (1:12)

How does Dynamic Canvas Studio enhance Jivox’s DCO technology-based platform? (1:18)

The Unilever Foundry: Unicornetto with Viddsee & Jivox Case Study (3:13)

Unilever’s Unicornetto has won the Best Video Ad Campaign from The Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards APAC

Dynamic Video Advertising: What is Dynamic Cloud Video Rendering? (1:02)

Personalized DCO for Facebook and Instagram (1:46)

A Tip for Evaluating Personalization Platforms: Creative Flexibility (0:41)

Beet.TV Interview with Diaz Nesamoney

Dynamic Video Advertising: What Brands Need to Know (1:27)

The Importance of Rules When Evaluating Personalization
Platforms (0:33)

A Tip for Evaluating Personalization Platforms:
Experiment with Media Channels (0:38)

How to Start Thinking About Personalization (1:03)

Why Personalized Omnichannel Ads Boost Engagement (0:47)

Let’s talk about how DCO can significantly save you production cost while boosting engagement.

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