Native Advertising

Omnichannel Native DCO Powered By Jivox AI-driven Personalization Platform

Omnichannel personalization extends brands’ precise, relevant messages across channels, devices and formats. Now, Jivox offers a new Native DCO that, when combined with AI, predicts consumer needs and dynamically generates native ad content, allowing brands to build 1:1 customer experiences in real time. This native DCO is an implementation of IAB’s Dynamic Content Ad Standard.

Native Advertising

A native ad is a paid ad content in an online publication that resembles the editorial content. It has an advantage over many other ad formats because the content is not intrusive, and it is provided in the context of the user’s experience.

Personalized Native DCO

Jivox takes that experience a step further, by serving precise, relevant ad content dynamically, at the right time to the right person, based on individual consumer’s interests, behavior, demographics, purchase history, and a series of contextual data triggers such as time of day, day of week, location, weather and temperature.

Safe From Ad Blocking

Consumers have been driven to install ad blocking tools due to ads that are either irrelevant or so bad that they slow down the browsing experience. Personalized native ads are safe from ad blocking because these ads, appearing as sponsored or recommended content, read like publisher’s content.


  • Integrate any combination of first-party, third-party, and contextual data.
  • Apply AI to recognize and group micro-audiences with similar attributes.
  • Use Dynamic Creative Optimization to serve the best performing, highly relevant ad content to the right audience at the right time.
  • One ad, many variations. Store creative assets in Jivox’s Content Management System (CMS) designed to dynamically assemble native ad content specific to an individual consumer via a native asset URL.
  • Ensure that assets are delivered from a local server nearest to the consumer through highly scalable Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology.

Personalized Native Advertising Benefits

  • Many variations dynamically formatted into a single personalized native DCO, across channels and devices.

  • Higher viewability due to highly relevant content, delivering better customer experience.

  • Increased conversions as a result of increased engagement.

54% of consumers found personalized ads more engaging,
and 42% indicated more relevant than general ads

– Yahoo survey of 6,000 respondents aged 13-64