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Jivox DCO At-A-Glance

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“Jivox IQ DaVinci is helping Giant Eagle scale our retail media network offering in three ways: A self-service activation portal for advertisers, sophisticated feed management and AI-Driven optimization algorithms that use first-party data to deliver performance.”

“Jivox helped us easily test creative for prospecting and retargeting campaigns, all the while tailoring the ad experience based on the user’s location and preferences, without having to heavily tax our in-house creative team.”

“This shows that being brand and content relevant at crucial moments will drive greater reaction from consumers. We need to think about how to engage with the right message at such moments, because one size does not fit all.”

“We used Jivox for real-time personalization and realized nearly a 30% increase in brand effectiveness or direct impact on sales volume.”

Marta Piotrowska, Former Brand Director and Head of Media, Digital, CRM & eCommerce for Baby Care, at Pampers, Procter & Gamble

“Our partnership with Jivox opens a world of possibilities for brands and marketers working to crack the code to optimize active campaigns to achieve sales growth, while capturing first-party data. Our embeddable architecture paired with Jivox’s personalized marketing platform marks a leap in the advertising industry’s ability to scale mass personalization and streamline sales.”

Heather Marie Udo, Founder and CEO, Shoppable

Privacy-First 1:1 Personalization At Scale

Building on Jivox advanced Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) technology, Jivox Commerce Marketing Cloud delivers personalization at scale combining:

  • Creative automation of dynamic ads, including product (carousel) ads
  • Shoppable ads built on headless commerce architecture
  • Data-driven decisioning (including feed-based) and optimization
  • AI-powered recommendations, including bestsellers
  • Cross-channel analytics and sales attribution via data clean rooms
  • First-party identity graph (IQiD) personalizes messages using consented customer data, reducing all dependence on third-party cookies
Commerce marketing cloud

IQ Blaze: Analytics For Performance

With cutting edge High-Performance Analytics and Data Clean Room solution, Jivox IQ Blaze empowers you to:

  • Access Instant Actionable Insights with Liveboards that visualize all your key metrics in real-time
  • Drill Down Into Business Performance with natural language search and automated breakdowns
  • Boost Sales Across Channels with privacy-first attribution and advanced audience segmentation via Data Clean Room

Forrester Named Jivox A Creative Advertising Technology Leader

Jivox embraces the evolving needs of the modern brand, which faces disruption on many fronts — from the direct-to-consumer (DTC) revolution to the economic turmoil of the COVID pandemic — and for which the business performance for creative adtech has become a requirement, not a nice-to-have.”

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Jivox instantly delivers valuable, detailed insights into each consumer’s behavior that empowers brands to optimize consumer journeys; attribute sales to different strategies, creative and content; and create new audience segments showing higher propensity to engage with the brand.

Not all DCO platforms are created equal.
So, how do you select the right one?

Our step-by-step checklist breaks down the DCO capabilities you need to maximize your ROI.

eBook: A Checklist For Choosing Your Automated DCO Platform To Maximize ROI
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Why Customers Love Jivox


Streamline creative production workflow and costs using automation.

Save time and money by automatically generating thousands of personalized image and video ad variations.


Enable precision marketing and optimization across paid and owned channels.

Personalize omni-channel messaging to individual customers. 

Enable enterprise-wide collaboration for global to local implementation.


Deliver the right products and content to individual consumers with the highest purchase intent.

Identify in-market consumers and algorithmically match them to the right product, offers, pricing, and content.

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