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Learn how to use dynamic creative, data, and AI—the fundamentals of Jivox DCO technology—to deliver 1:1 messaging, conversions and production cost savings.

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The Problem

  • Distracted Customers: Between multiple devices, fast-pace lifestyles, and ever changing minds, how do you get your message across?
  • Frustrated Brand Marketers: With so many disparate marketing tools that drive cost and lower productivity, what’s the best way to predict customers’ path-to-purchase?

The Solution: Jivox IQ

  • Stay always-on with a relevant message tailored to the individual triggered by profile, contextual and event data.
  • In this omnichannel, always-on world, Jivox IQ is the first technology platform, purpose-built to deliver consistent, precise, personalized marketing messages across all digital Channels, now.
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How Should Brands Start Thinking About Personalization?

Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney and REI Senior Advertising Manager Amy Ball give you the short answer.

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Why Jivox IQ

Engage Customers 1:1

Don’t talk at your customers.Talk with them.

Personalized ads, videos and email combined with omni-channel reach allow you to know precisely how and when to engage your customers.

Connect Marketing Dots

Social, display, email, native & video work together in a single platform.

Create a consistent customer experience at scale. Forget point products, the customer economy is all about sharing data, creative assets, analytics, and APIs.

Accelerate Conversions

Creative and media optimization work in tandem.

Robust analytics and machine learning empower you to micro-target customers with precise, always-on messaging, so you don’t spend more than you need to.

How Jivox IQ Works

Personalization requires data, lots of it. This is why we invest heavily in Big Data technologies. We collect, integrate and make available vast amounts of audience, contextual and campaign data to determine the optimal creative format and messaging for 1:1 customer experience.  Learn More
Neuron machine learning and artificial intelligence technology powers all of the core algorithms that drive personalization across our platform. Machine learning enables us to process vast amounts of data, learn and detect patterns, predict and optimize outcomes to produce the best performing marketing campaigns. Learn More
Content producers start with a blank canvas to create lightweight, captivating videos, email, and display ads more quickly and easily – all without templates or hand-coding. Dynamic Canvas technology brings it to life using data as a guide and by assembling variations of the messaging and creative assets in milliseconds. Learn More

“…We use the Jivox platform to develop sophisticated, audience-centric creatives. Those creatives are only effective if they are both relevant to the audience and the audience is engaged. Jivox’s new scoring system will help assure that our creative efforts engage the brand’s most active audiences.”

Tim Bagwell, senior vice president of Xaxis Ad Labs

How To Use Jivox IQ

The Jivox IQ platform personalizes your digital marketing and advertising. Using the power of big data and machine learning algorithms, Jivox IQ assembles thousands of creative and messaging variations in real-time to create millions of personalized conversations.

Using Jivox IQ, programmatic creative, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) or simple creative versioning all become a breeze, and it’s all because of the well designed and scalable architecture platform.

Key Components Of Jivox IQ

A real-time data store that integrates online and offline data, using it to power predictive personalization with millisecond response times. Learn More

A dynamic repository that stores and manages creative assets and campaign metadata. Learn More

Data retrieval/integration, decisioning, recommendation and optimization–through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms–process logic and ensure that ads, videos and email are correctly populated from millions of creative assets. Learn More

Enabling programmatic delivery of lightweight, personalized ads, videos and email in all formats and for all screens. Learn More

A design center where content developers aggregate data and creatives for deployment across all ad, video, social and email creatives. Learn More

Extend Jivox IQ To Social Media

Create new ad campaigns in Facebook or Instagram, or extend display ads to these social media sites.


Personalize Native DCO For Enhanced User Experience

Serve relevant, precise ad content at the right time to the right person, based on intelligent data.


How To Evolve Your Strategy
From Retargeting To Personalization

From basic dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to hyper personalization, Jivox IQ caters to marketers of all levels of interests and needs. Choose the pace that makes sense to your business.

Phase 1

Start with adding profile data that will allow you to segment your target audience by demographics and preferences, using both online and offline or CRM data. Insight about your audience segments helps you drive the relevant creative output. Jivox IQ automatically optimizes your creative rotation based on a set of metrics, including CTR, click-through and view-through conversions, interactions, revenue and any additional metrics you prefer.

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Phase 2

Add contextual data – such as weather, time, events and geographical location. You will be able to personalize experience and messages to your target audience. Data signals trigger the delivery of specific content precisely to this audience.

Use Jivox IQ to combine feeds serving information such as weather, temperature, and product, you will be able to use this machine learning -driven platform to optimize, for example, the creative for best-performing bike jersey targeting female cyclists in cloudy, 53-degree New England weather, or swimwear for male divers in sunny, 91-degree British Virgin Islands.

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Phase 3

Add Jivox’s hyper personalization to extend a 1:1 experience to your target audience. How?

  • Neuron™ machine learning algorithms instantly produce insights and decisions to deliver personalization in realtime.
  • Recommendation Engine: autonomous decisions using product data to recommend best sellers to users.
  • Retargeting: personalization based on knowing the user’s stage in purchase cycle, intelligent prospecting (third-party data on gender, age, networth) and precise product placement.
  • Dynamic Audience Scoring: delivering significantly greater performance and ROI in campaigns by informing the media-bidding algorithms, in real time, of individuals and audiences that are outperforming others; enabling the creation of new high-value audience clusters.
  • Data Management Platforms: Integration with a wide range of industry partners for deep insight.
  • Product Feeds: Integration with advertisers’ product feeds for up-to-date product and pricing info.
  • External APIs: Enabling real time information, such as stock exchange indices, social and marketing data.

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