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Why does it boost engagement?
The answer from Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney.

What Is Omnichannel Personalization
In The World Of Digital Marketing?

Imagine a consumer that is on her smartphone, comparing products online but then gets distracted. Later she picks up her tablet to continue her product research, read the news and check Facebook. The next day while responding to email on her laptop, she resumes shopping. Will she ever purchase the product she’s considering?

In this fast-paced era where consumers interact with brands in multiple ways – i.e. social media, email, web, apps — and with multiple devices, it is increasingly important for brands to provide the most consistent, seamless, and relevant experience through digital marketing.

Omnichannel personalization is providing a 1:1 customer experience at the precise time or “micro-moment” across all channels and devices.

5 Steps to Omnichannel

Why Is Omnichannel Personalization Important?

In addition to providing consumers with a seamless experience across channels, omnichannel personalization is proven to increase conversions.

According to a new Jivox Benchmark Report, personalized omnichannel DCO engages audiences 4.3x the industry benchmark and 43% higher than mostly single-channel ads. When brands combine multiple touchpoints and relevant messaging served consistently across higher-viewership channels in real-time, engagement rates soared.

Omnichannel personalization is key for brands to increase engagement and conversions.

Success With Omni-Channel Personalization

A leading online automobile marketplace drives conversion with Jivox.

Premier beverage and snack brand boosts engagement and media-buy efficiency.

A sporting equipment company accelerates engagement with weather triggered Facebook ads.

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