5 Steps to Omnichannel Personalization

A guide to building a high quality 1:1 customer experience across all channels and devices.

Step 1: Recognize the Need

Customers are using multiple devices, from product research to purchase, making it increasingly difficult for brands to connect the marketing dots.

Source: Telco 2.0 Research

It’s time to step up from multichannel marketing to omni-channel personalization.

Take the Omnichannel
Personalization Quiz

Are your messages and customer experience:

1. RELEVANT at the intended time of purchase?

2. CONSISTENT across email, social media, and news sites?

3. SEAMLESS for any device or channel?

Step 2: Think, Act, Be the Customer

The key to an omnichannel strategy is to design your campaigns from the customers’ perspective.

Expect engagement only by serving consistent, relevant messages
to the same individual seamlessly across different channels.

But today, the gap is real. Here’s what retailers say:

Admitted no single brand experience across their channels

Stated change is not happening fast enough

Acknowledged “a well-defined cross or omnichannel strategy” would drive digital growth

Source: Periscope Survey

Step 3: Set the Stage

An omnichannel approach to personalization doesn’t just happen.
Here is the critical path for understanding the needs and wants of the customer.

Step 4: Connect the Dots

Personalize digital ad messaging throughout all stages of your customer’s lifecycle

Step 5: Start the Omnichannel Personalization Journey

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