Neuron Machine Learning

Jivox Neuron™ is a set of foundational machine learning algorithms used throughout the Jivox IQ platform to deliver the most sophisticated and best performing personalization capabilities in the market.

Using advanced neural networks, deep learning and large in-memory data sets, Neuron machine learning algorithms instantly produce insights and decisions  to power personalization in real-time.

Examples of where Neuron machine learning is currently used in the Jivox platform include:

  • Recommendation Engine: machine learning algorithms predict, based on combined brand-site user activities and product information, similar products in a given category or best matched products a user may like based on historical purchase patterns.
  • Dynamic Audience Scoring: autonomous selection of the best performing media channels and audiences based on insight into the combined campaign, historical, and real-time data.
  • Creative Optimizer: autonomous decisions select the most relevant creative variant from a range of candidates, to be served to an individual or audience; select audiences and clusters of individuals from a vast pool of possible targets; match data triggers to creative variations that produce the best outcomes for brands.

Neuron machine learning is tailored for specific domains to ensure that variations in data and relevance of data triggers in different domains and industries are factored into our algorithms.