Social Media Advertising

Personalizing Facebook Ads: Jivox Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

API integration with Facebook empowers brands to deliver dynamic ads to both Facebook and Instagram audiences using content and decisioning rules from the Jivox IQ platform—extending display audiences and personalization to these social media channels.

For brands that thrive on a wealth of data about their consumers, and drive a wide range of creative assets needing sophisticated decisioning and creative optimization, Jivox IQ is the perfect platform. Leveraging Facebook APIs for dynamic ads, Jivox IQ easily adds an enterprise grade content management system, data integration and sophisticated machine learning based rules, decisioning and optimization.

The result: brands are able to access significant amounts of offline and online consumer data to deliver social media advertising through highly personalized messages and creative to Facebook and Instagram users.

Jivox IQ Delivers Fully Dynamic Ad Capabilities in Facebook

Jivox IQ is the company’s flagship machine learning-driven platform purpose-built for real time personalization. It is designed to access proprietary, consumer, contextual and campaign data, and integrates it–in real time–with thousands of creative and messaging variations that result in millions of personalized digital ads. Every message is customized to an individual and delivered programmatically, in all formats and to all channels, giving global brands a scalable, market-tested solution for engaging consumers at the right place and the right time, and with the right message.


  • Streamline dynamic ads workflow while working with large numbers of creative variations and complex logic beyond Facebook’s simple re-targeting logic
  • Map consumer identities across display and social media channels
  • Add real-time data triggers (e.g. weather, time of day/day of week) through Facebook for personalizing messages
  • Monitor cross-channel (Display-Facebook) campaign performance
  • Jivox IQ CMS provides asset management capabilities, versioning dynamic asset updates to greatly simplify workflow in Facebook

Simplify Your Personalized Ad Delivery And Monitoring Across Channels


  • Identity mapping enabled: Ability to find the same targeted Display users on Facebook
  • Consistent brand experience across channels: Reusing creative and messaging across Display and Facebook; changes in one channel are reflected in the other via a common CMS system
  • Personalized messaging: Real-time triggers drives relevant messages


  • Simple setup to launch a Facebook ad campaign: choose between extending a Display or using Facebook data
  • Dynamically update creative, schedule and compare reporting
“One-click” to extend personalized creative and messaging from Display to Facebook Remove the inefficiency and cost of manually creating template-based ads
Programmatically configure Facebook dynamic campaigns Leverage Facebook audience segments (e.g., gender, age, interest) to personalize messaging
Programmatically update Facebook dynamic campaigns in real time Align ads in Facebook with real-time updates (weather, location, time) on Display campaigns, serving relevant messages to the right users at the right time and place, right now.
Programmatically monitor Facebook campaign performance Easy to monitor Facebook and Display campaign performance—in Jivox Console

Personalizing Your Message With Facebook Audience
Using Real Time Data Triggers

Whether your target audience see a product display on your website, or an ad of the product on a publisher website, Jivox’s integration enables them to see the same creative and message on Facebook, personalized by location, weather, time of day, and other real-time data triggers.

Delivering Economy By Reusing Asset Feeds

Reusing asset feeds is simple: just map items in Facebook Asset and Asset Resource Columns to Facebook ad components.