Dynamic Canvas Studio


Automated Creative Versioning

Automatically generate thousands of dynamic creative variations for Display, Video, CTV and Social in an instant, with AI-powered asset generation and total creative flexibility.

Dynamic Canvas Studio: Cut Production Costs

Cut Production Costs

Reduce costs of producing multiple ad variations by an average of 89%.

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Launch Faster

Reduce time wasted on mundane edits and automate campaign updates.

Dynamic Canvas Studio: Performance

Boost Performance

High fidelity, relevant creative across all channels drives ROI.

Upgrade Your Creative Management Platforms To Automated DCO

To scale personalized marketing, simply producing 100s of creative is not enough. You need a truly dynamic workflow that connects content with data.

Comparison of Creative Management Tools vs Jivox

From 1 Master To 1000 Personalized Ads With Dynamic Canvas Studio

Use Any Design Tool

Complete flexibility in how you design your creative master. Hit the ground running by using your existing design tools or use Jivox’s built-in Creative Design Studio. Achieve ultimate creative fidelity and don’t compromise your brand identity.

Automatically Resize To Any Ad Size Or Format

Creative Design Studio automatically resizes your master design for any other ad sizes or formats across every marketing channel. Omnichannel creative versioning across Display, Social and more has never been easier.

Generate Unlimited Variations From A Feed

Use a feed or Google Sheet with your product SKUs, pricing or messaging to automatically produce every possible variation and keep them updated automatically. Cloud servers make this instant, even for video.

Generate & Test New Assets With Generative AI

Generative AI is built directly into the Dynamic Canvas Studio so you can easily add new copy variations into the mix for testing or generate fresh backgrounds for your products without going back to the drawing board.

Get The Perfect Fit Every Time

Visualize variations instantly with in-line creative previews side-by-side with your creative master design to help uphold brand identity. Smart re-sizing of any assets with Generative Fill ensure every variation works perfectly with every ad unit.

Dynamic Creative + Data-Driven Decisioning = Personalization

Connecting content with data is critical to achieving personalization at scale. That’s why all Jivox creative variations can be powered by product or offer feeds and plug in to your first-party data sources. Automated integrations with media platforms ensure you can deliver ads and keep them updated with minimal effort.

Jivox DCO At-A-Glance

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An Easier Way To Personalize Video Ads

How does Dynamic Canvas Studio revolutionize video versioning? How does it help create engaging 100s of personalized video ads in minutes that can scale from mobile formats up to 4K CTV?

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