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Featured Partners


The TradeDesk

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Trade Desk and Jivox have partnered to combine the value of DCO and premium media through data, reporting and workflow integrations.


Xandr (Microsoft)

Media Platform

Jivox and Xandr have partnered to enable advertisers to launch DCO campaigns and activate creative on retail media quicker than ever before via the DSP.



Commerce Media Platform

Amazon and Jivox have partnered to integrate the complete suite of Amazon Marketing Cloud capabilities to enable Amazon ecosystem-based use cases around ad serving, ad attribution, shoppable advertising and retail media.



Social Media Platform

Leverage creative automation at scale for premium social ads and overlay contextual data for a more personalized experience across all major Facebook & Instagram ad formats.


Google Marketing Platform

Media Platform

Jivox integrations allow for streamlined workflows of media activation leveraging Google Campaign Manager, DV360, and YouTube to save time and increase efficiency.




Data Warehouse & Analytics

Snowflake and Jivox have partnered on building a data clean room to visualize 360 audience to impression level data across all gardens for better real-time analytics, attribution and reporting.

Personalization Can Be Complex…

Personalization can be complex and relies on high quality data, connected storytelling and continual iteration. Work with Jivox Partners to take your personalized digital marketing strategies to the next level with experts in a variety of fields – partners enable rapid growth with less reliance on internal resources.

Expand your activation team with dedicated DCO experts fand decrease time to onboard with our specialist, accredited agencies.
Integrate all of your existing data and tech stack investments to optimize your ROI from Jivox.

Enhance workflows between internal teams through automated connections to and from the Jivox platform.

Jivox Partner Ecosystem Helps Accelerate The Growth Of Brands’ Business

Automate Workflows
To Reduce Manual Efforts

Synchronize Data Across Tech Stack For
Consistent Customer Experiences

Collaborate To
Share Expertise

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Media partners provide premium inventory across the web where Jivox personalized creatives can be shown for consistent customer experiences. DSPs, social platforms and others can also interoperate with Jivox on decisioning, trafficking and analytics to improve workflows.

Data partners enable the transfer of first-party audience segments to Jivox for use as triggers or connect identity services to paint a fuller picture of users for personalized experiences.

eCommerce partnerships include headless commerce for frictionless checkout experiences from ads, retail media networks and ways to attribute purchase data to personalized ads.

Analytics & Attribution partnerships are imperative to ensure brands can get a full view of the customer journey and the efficacy of their omnichannel marketing investments. Jivox works closely with measurement and verification partners, data warehouses and BI tools.

From performance marketing firms to media agencies and production agencies; service partners support our brand customers with expertise into personalization strategies, tech onboarding and much more.


Creative partnerships include Digital Asset Management (DAMs) platforms that can streamline asset workflows, approval processes and more to ensure excellence across automated creative variations.


What Our Partners Say

“Our partnership with Jivox opens a world of possibilities for brands and marketers working to crack the code to optimize active campaigns to achieve sales growth, while capturing first-party data. Our embeddable architecture paired with Jivox’s personalized marketing platform marks a leap in the advertising industry’s ability to scale mass personalization and streamline sales.”

Heather Marie Udo, Founder and CEO, Shoppable®

“We are excited about [our partnership] because it is a cookie-less ID. We’re using people-based identity instead of a third-party cookie and we’re facilitating that onsite personalization that we know many marketers have come to expect.”

Travis Clinger, SVP Addressability & Ecosystem, LiveRamp



How To Win With Commerce Media & Marketing

Shoppable, theTradeDesk and Jivox join a panel hosted by AdAge to uncover the essential technologies that can enable brands to accelerate eCommerce marketing.

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The Power Of First-Party Identity

Featuring Liveramp’s SVP Addressability and Ecosystem, Travis Clinger. An Adweek webinar on data and identity in a post-cookie world.

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Jivox Announces Blaze Analytics & Data Clean Room

See how Jivox is building scalable, privacy-first analytics solutions on Snowflake.

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