AWS Hosted Commerce Marketing Cloud

Commerce Marketing Cloud

The Jivox Solution

Deliver Cloud-Powered Digital Marketing Personalization, At Scale

  • Creates Relevance for Customers
    Engage customers with the most relevant ad across your paid and owned channels — desktop, mobile, CTV, social, native, email, and website.
  • Drives Marketing ROI
    Use automation to drive 1:1 personalization while scaling back production costs and accelerating campaign launch time.
  • Personalizes with Consented, First-Party Data
    Use consented first-party for 1:1 personalization while complying with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Competencies We’re Specializing In With AWS

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Streamline your production workflow whilst optimizing precision marketing across paid and owned channels.

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Creative Flexibility At Scale
Automate creation of ad variations across all channels for omnichannel consistency, while retaining creative freedom. Save time, production costs and increase relevance with personalized ads.

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Save Time For Marketing Teams
With workflow automation; campaign launches, creative approvals and trafficking have never been more streamlined. Free up teams’ time for value-adding projects.

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Drive ROI
With real-time analytics, privacy-first attribution and machine learning-powered recommendations, brands can connect the dots for each customer’s journey — without guessing.

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Jivox offers a SOC2 Type 2 compliant platform with the ability to integrate with brand’s existing tech stacks with permissioning capabilities for large organizations with many stakeholders.


Cloud-Powered Decisioning And Automated Creative Rendering

Cloud servers allow Jivox to produce thousands of variations of video in milliseconds to give brands freedom to employ hyper-personalized dynamic video campaigns everywhere from Instagram to Connected TV. AWS ensures there is minimal latency and no waiting for ads to render; Jivox is never held back by a local machine so can show the right ad to the right person at the right time.

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Dynamic product ads

Commerce Marketing Cloud

Capitalize on the Retail Media opportunity with dynamic product ads powered by Jivox’s product feed processing and feed-based decisioning for accurate messaging closer to the point of purchase, without the heavy lift. Recommendations by AI/ML elevate performance and improve ROI by showing the most effective combination of creative assets, products and offers. Headless commerce APIs remove friction in the path to conversion, with Shoppable Ads.

Let’s talk about how DCO can significantly save you production cost while boosting engagement.

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