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DCO Case Study: Airlines

Frontier Airlines Flies High
With Full-Funnel Personalization

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DCO Case Study: Airlines

Frontier Airlines Flies High With Full-Funnel Personalization

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74%Metrics arrow down

Decrease in CPMs

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Reduction in CPA

This low-fare airline company took its personalization strategy — from top-funnel prospecting to bottom-funnel retargeting — to a new Frontier with Jivox’s contextual decisioning and flexible creative automation. The brand showcased exciting breaks to enticing destinations from relevant nearby airports – next stop, increased bookings.

Ever seen an ad for a great flight deal only to click and realize the fare advertised did not match the prices for available flights? Frontier solved this problem smartly through a mix of geolocation-based dynamic creative and live pricing data to show the best prices from nearby airports.

Combined with data on users’ vacation preferences such as family trips vs couples breaks or sandy beaches vs snow-covered slopes, the resulting creatives were enticing enough to pique prospecting audiences’ interest in a trip. Users who had been casually considering a vacation were brought on board through attractive pricing and destinations of high interest.

Frontier was also able to precisely retarget individuals who had shown interest in a particular flight, reminding them to book the right trip at the right time.

Jivox + AWS, A First Class Combination

Only Jivox backed by the cloud power of AWS is able to support such a real-time dynamic use case building on the brand’s own attractive creative designs. Frontier were able to produce an impressive 5,019 creative variations through the cloud-based automation for a first-class experience for customers across display and Facebook ad formats.

By relying on the cloud decisioning in place of extensive, narrow targeting in the media platforms, the brand was able to decrease CPMs by 74% and improve engagement and ultimately conversions from more relevant ads – seeing a 67% reduction in CPA.

Jivox Partners With Amazon Web Services To Power Personalization At Scale

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Jivox empowers brands to achieve personalization at scale through automated DCO technology. Amazon Web Services infrastructure is critical to powering this experience; the scale for automating versioning of 1000s of video or image creatives, the agility to serve the right ad tailored to each viewer in a matter of milliseconds and the reliability to consistently delivering relevant content to audiences globally. The value this partnership brings to Jivox’s enterprise customers is demonstrated effectively through this brand’s successful campaign.




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