Jivox IQ For
Connected TV

Using household and contextual data to make messaging relevant.

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As TV becomes addressable, brands now have the power to personalize their communication to individual households. Personalizing video ads, however, comes with its challenges. Video ads are expensive and time-consuming to produce, limiting brands’ ability to achieve the scale they need for the 1:1 messaging consumers expect.

Jivox IQ brings scale to personalizing CTV ads and delivers efficiency and cost savings.


The three advantages offered by Jivox IQ for CTV.

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icon Scale Ads across CTV
Automatically generate a large volume of high-resolution ad variations and serve them across any CTV platform
icon Contextualize CTV Ads
Personalize CTV ads with a variety of data triggers to make them relevant to your audiences
icon Run true, omni-channel campaigns
Use a single platform to run campaigns across multiple channels including display, video, CTV, social, and native

Power Your Campaigns Using Dynamic Canvas Studio

Generate 5000 personalized variations in 90 minutes or less with Jivox IQ’s Dynamic Canvas Studio.

Automate video variations
Upload a single creative master file to automatically generate all the other variations.

Work with existing creative tools
Design the creative master file using your preferred tools, such as Adobe After EffectsTM or ingest video files in many different formats and sizes.

Swap and preview creative variations
With our interactive UI, preview and swap the dynamic elements of the video master file to view and save multiple variations.

Scale video production with feeds
Incorporate product feeds to bulk-generate thousands of ad variations within minutes.

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CTV Ads With A Personalized Experience

Optimize messaging for CTV by using household data and several contextual triggers such as weather, temperature, location, time, language, seasons and so on.

Complex Workflow Made Simple

Automate several repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to save time and resources.

  • Generate multiple video versions in parallel using our cloud-based video render farm

  • Plug in assets from product feeds or digital asset management (DAM) systems

  • Render HD or 4K videos with the right resolution and bitrates at scale

  • Deliver thousands of personalized variations across multiple CTV platforms using a single tag

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Are You Ready?

According to research by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB), 73% of CTV buyers are shifting budget from broadcast and cable TV to CTV in 2021. To scale personalized video ads for CTV, you need the right technology partner.

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