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DCO Case Study: Hospitality

Dynamic Video Personalization at Scale For A F500 Hotel Chain

Increase in click-through rate

Increase in site visits

Minutes between creative refreshes

Dynamic Creative Optimization can be challenging with video formats. Videos are typically much larger in file size than animated display banners so marketers often bump into limitations with how quickly different variations can be produced, which limits how they can support more contextual or hyper-personalized campaign strategies.

Whilst some other tools may have a solution for automating several variations of a video ad, this can rarely be achieved at scale and remains limited to a handful of final videos due to the strain of rendering on a local machine.

With the power of Jivox and AWS behind them, a leading global hotel brand was able to personalize video variations at scale. The brand was able to activate an exciting campaign that showed viewers curated experiences that they could redeem via their reward points balance; with live details in the ad of how many points each experience costs.

The brand needed to generate video variations for paid social campaigns in near real-time to display bid prices, so Jivox needed to enable a creative refresh as quickly as every 15 minutes to reflect bid prices and availability of experiences.

Jivox’s Dynamic Video Personalization is powered by AWS cloud servers to provide the scale and speed marketers need for forward-thinking campaign strategies. This replaces the reliance on a local machine and instead hands off rendering to the cloud based on the designer’s Adobe After Effects video master files.

The brand simply uploads an Adobe After Effects video master, adds a selection of video and text assets and lets Jivox automate the process of rendering all of the variations in the cloud for all desired formats and channels from mobile video to high resolution Connected TV.

AWS helps make the long, resource-intensive process of rendering videos on a local desktop machine obsolete and marketers have the freedom to iterate different variations in a matter of seconds.

This strategy of video personalization at scale drove a 250% uplift in click-thru rate and an 81% increase in website visits, with those engaged viewers also driving a 33% higher dwell time than the brand’s benchmarks.

Jivox Partners With Amazon Web Services To Power Personalization At Scale

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Jivox empowers brands to achieve personalization at scale through automated DCO technology. Amazon Web Services infrastructure is critical to powering this experience; the scale for automating versioning of 1000s of video or image creatives, the agility to serve the right ad tailored to each viewer in a matter of milliseconds and the reliability to consistently delivering relevant content to audiences globally. The value this partnership brings to Jivox’s enterprise customers is demonstrated effectively through this brand’s successful campaign.




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