Jivox Dynamic Canvas™ technology, invented by Jivox, removes the labor intensive development process required by platforms of the past generation.

A key question you might ask when evaluating personalization platforms is: Does it limit creativity?

With Jivox, you no longer need to manually create hundreds or thousands of variations for every ad – which is expensive and inefficient. You no longer are forced to redevelop ads repeatedly using inflexible templates for even the slightest design changes.

Dynamic canvas technology separates the assets within an ad into individual components. The image, messaging and call-to-action can be dynamically swapped at any moment as determined by the triggers (such as weather, temperature, location). Each variation of the ad is dynamically assembled, on-the-fly, so you don’t have to create ad variations individually. This technology preserves the original creative design to swap assets dynamically, freeing you from having to use rigid templates.

The individual assets making up each version of the ad are stored in the Jivox IQ CMS, or external CMS/feed, and retrieved as needed to assemble the ad. The CMS enables millions of assets to be stored and served dynamically, reducing significant costs while giving you complete creative flexibility. Jivox supports a wide range of ad formats.