Big Data Integration

Data, while plentiful and readily available, exists today in silos. Because it is not collected, stored or made available in real-time, siloed data cannot drive your in-the-moment decisions about which message a user is likely to respond.

Jivox IQ uses Big Data technologies–like Hadoop, Redis, Spark, Mapreduce and many others–in the Jivox IQ Personalization Engine and the Jivox IQ Personalization Hub. This is how we harness a wide spectrum of data designed for real-time decision making, giving you – the new generation marketer – the power to deliver precise, personalized messages to every individual consumer.

Data triggers change in real-time. This data integration also occurs in real-time. How do they work? Imagine a user searches for a product on the site, say sneakers. Within a few milliseconds, the gender data from a third-party DMP is matched to determine whether men’s or women’s sneakers should be shown in the ad. This lightning speed matching is possible because these two data sources integrate dynamically to feed the decisioning and machine learning algorithms.