Personalization Engine

The Jivox IQ Personalization Engine uses advanced algorithms to process ad logic to ensure that ads, videos and email are correctly populated based on various data signals and personalization logic from millions of creative assets.

The key components of Jivox IQ Personalization Engine work together to create a powerful and scalable way of using data to precisely deliver relevant creative and messaging to each individual. Key components are:

Jivox IQ Data Engine

The Jivox IQ Data Engine is a data retrieval and integration engine using advanced algorithms to process ad logic. It ensures that content in digital ads, videos and email are correctly populated from millions of creative variants. The Data Engine matches a wide variety of source data–including first-party, audience and contextual data–to creative assets and campaign metadata. This data matching drives personalization and produces a rich set of analytics from a large store of user engagement and interaction data.

Pre-integrated Data Access

First-party data is information that comes from leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) as well as from the Jivox IQ Personalization Hub. This data includes all kinds of direct consumer activity on the brand websites or offline engagement at retail stores, dealers, and the like. Representing the consumers’ actual interests and preferences, this data is extremely valuable for brands to select the most relevant messsaging at the right time to the right people.

Third-party data is information from Data Management Platforms (DMPs) that is typically aggregated from the consumer’s activity on third-party websites and mobile applications. Such data is collected, categorized, anonymized and made available to the Jivox IQ Data Engine for personalization. The information is typically segmented into categories including age, gender, browsing habits, on and offline purchasing, purchase intent and social media

Contextual data is information about the viewer’s environment based on the their location. The Jivox Data Engine has access to the following environmental data:

  • Geographic and location data, which uses the user’s IP address or GPS coordinates
  • Weather data, which includes aggregated data from the National Weather Service from over 2000 weather stations across the US
  • Schedule, which drives creative changes based on the time of day or the day of the week
  • Local activities like sporting events, entertainment events etc.
  • Pollen, UV levels etc.
  • Device data i.e. characteristics like browser, manufacturer, operating system of the device the user is on

Jivox IQ Decisioning Engine

The Jivox IQ Decisioning Engine enables hundreds to thousands of rules and decision trees with complex nesting, cascades and so forth, to be defined and executed within milliseconds. These rules can incorporate various data triggers from the IQ Data Engine individually or in combination.

These rules allow audience identification with pin-point accuracy. Cascading these rules enables the execution of multiple decision trees based on the data available for any individual, allowing you to execute both re-targeting and prospecting strategies in a single campaign.

Rules can also be specified to determine rotation order, sequence and weightage of each creative variant.

Jivox IQ Creative Optimizer

The Jivox IQ Creative Optimizer is a built-in component that allows brands to run a variety of A/B and multi-variate testing algorithms (i.e., winner takes all or fair share). Using advanced machine learning algorithms, this creative optimizer determines, in real-time, the creative variant precised matched to a specific audience based on campaign performance data. Optimization is based on a wide variety of industry and custom metrics. Whether a few creative variants or thousands of creative variants, the Jivox IQ Optimizer saves you from having to pour through pages of reports and manually change creative variants.

Jivox IQ Recommendation Engine

The Jivox IQ Recommendation Engine enables the delivery of the right message, and product, based on learnings from past behavioral data. Often, data about a consumer is unavailable, or at best insufficient, because they seldom visit the brand site, and/or clear their browser cookies. Jivox’s recommendation engine uses advanced Neuron™ machine learning algorithms and deep learning, combined with content and collaborative filtering techniques, to determine the most relevant products and messages the consumer is likely to respond well.

Jivox IQ Media Optimizer

The Jivox IQ Media Optimizer enables pre-bid media optimization through the use of Neuron machine learning algorithms that precisely identify and score consumers based on their first-party engagement with the brand, third-party data triggers, and engagement with the campaign itself.

Dynamic Audience Scoring is the industry’s first media optimization strategy now available to the public. By integrating directly with the DSP’s bidding engine, continuous data scoring computation using Jivox’s patented Personalization Hub™ technology and Neuron machine learning techniques identifies consumers of the highest relevance individuals for the campaign. Unlike static media planning and periodic optimization, this always-on optimizer allows for real-time adjustments of audiences,always selecting the best suited consumers to personalized dynamic ad serving.