Personalization Hub

The Jivox IQ Personalization Hub™, residing in the cloud, is an in-memory data store that makes online and offline consumer data automatically accessible to you, as a data trigger, with millisecond response times.

Personalization Hub extends to you continuous real-time consumer engagement across advertising and marketing channels, including all digital ad formats plus video, social and email.


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The Personalization Hub meets enterprise-class infrastructure requirements, including:
  • Scalability measured in petabytes, the personalization hub uses advanced clustered in-memory databases that can scale to thousands of nodes to accommodate even the largest data sets for the largest user databases updated in real-time.
  • In-memory response times ensure real-time processing in under 10 milliseconds between trigger, decision, and action.
  • Openness via APIs plus deep integration with AppNexus, DoubleClick, DBM, The Trade Desk, BlueKai, LiveRamp, Adobe and Oracle Marketing Clouds.
  • Cloud Architecture provides infinite scale, reliability and uptime.
  • Cross-device identification of users. Using advanced matching algorithms, users are matched across all of their devices to ensure personalization, sequential messaging and conversion tracking and attribution across devices.