Jivox IQ Dynamic Audience Scoring

Jivox And AppNexus Reinvent Online Ad Retargeting By Uniting Programmatic Media Buying And Personalized Dynamic Creative

Jivox and AppNexus have joined forces to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive personalized digital advertising solution. Through the seamless integration of Jivox IQ and AppNexus Programmable Bidder, this solution gives marketers unprecedented power to transform retargeting ads into highly effective sales-conversion campaigns–using sophisticated message personalization and audience micro-targeting.

The Problem With Current Generation Retargeting

  • Unable to qualitatively or quantitatively assess a user and their likelihood to engage
  • No ability to leverage today’s vast amounts of available online and offline consumer data
  • Lacking the algorithmic sophistication to determine a user’s true interests or intent— for example, detecting a user has already purchased a product
  • Repeatedly bombarding users with offers for products they have already purchased or falling back to defaults when sufficient user data is unavailable

The Jivox-AppNexus Personalization

  • Optimized retargeting by combining the process of creative optimization/ personalization and programmatic media buying
  • Leveraging the wealth of data and sophisticated algorithms for optimizing creative, outcomes and engagement data on users
  • Empowering brands with info on who to target, determine which groups or profiles of users are engaging most with the brand’s advertising and likely to purchase
  • Ability to score consumers for likelihood to purchase

Introducing Dynamic Audience Scoring

With Dynamic Audience Scoring, the Jivox IQ dynamic creative platform instantaneously pinpoints and “scores” – within 10 milliseconds – the most qualified set of users based on a wide variety of data triggers, including:

  • Activity on the brand’s site
  • Third-party data
  • Contextual signals (e.g., the weather at a user’s location)
  • Their engagement with the brand’s advertising

Jivox applies sophisticated algorithms to score users of this data and can now push those valuations in real time to the AppNexus Programmable Bidder.

The combination of Jivox IQ with the AppNexus Programmable Bidder enables media buying to be adjusted in real time to most effectively retarget these
individuals with more relevant messaging, products and offers reflective of the kind of engagement they had with the brand.

Dynamic Audience Scoring delivers significantly greater performance and ROI in campaigns by informing the media-bidding algorithms – in real time – of individuals and audiences that are outperforming others, essentially enabling the creation of new high-value audience clusters.


To set up dynamic audience scoring, a user simply logs into the Jivox IQ console to select various criteria for scoring users. Once such criteria have been entered, a publish interval is selected which will ensure these scores and published to AppNexus via the AppNexus Programmable Bidder interface.


On the AppNexus side, simply adding the Jivox dynamic audience segment to any campaign where dynamic audience scoring is desired, along with a different bid price for such users. Once this is set up the campaign runs as usual and users will automatically be prioritized as the ads are served.

Scoring Lifts Campaign Performance


Dynamic audience scoring lifts campaign performance significantly by prioritizing “high-value” users and ensuring they are served a relevant and personalized creative, driving engagement and purchase. This is in sharp contrast with retargeted ads, which simply annoy users and waste media dollars with repeated irrelevant ads to those users, often for products they have already purchased from the brand.

Here’s how Jivox Dynamic Audience Scoring delivers value: