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Recommend relevant products personalized to individual consumers in real-time. Designed for retail, fintech, CPG, automobile, travel, hospitality and other brands selling directly to consumers.

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Increased Sales
Engage audiences and accelerate sales with personalized Jivox Dynamic Product Ads using data and AI-powered recommendations.

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1-Click Commerce
Shoppable ads enabled by headless commerce bring you custom landing pages that capture sales in real time.

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Decisions In Real-Time
Leverage campaign data and automated rule-updates in real-time to make the most optimal decisions around your personalized commerce campaign.

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Automation: The Key Ingredient For Success

Consumer Goods

A global Fortune 500 sports apparel company achieved an ROI of 340x with Jivox IQ.


A Fortune 500 kitchen and home furnishings retailer achieved a 2x increase in ROAS with Jivox IQ.


One of the world’s largest diamond retailers saw an increase of 85% in e-commerce conversions with Jivox IQ.


A global pharmaceutical company improved advertising click through by 325% with Jivox IQ.

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Why Jivox Personalized Commerce Marketing

One big challenge in digital commerce marketing is figuring out how to bring relevant messaging and products of interest to each consumer who demonstrate purchase intent. Jivox’s Personalized Commerce Marketing offers a suite of capabilities to personalize your digital commerce marketing and drive sales. Here’s how:

Solutions & Challenges

Why Jivox Personalized Commerce Marketing

One big challenge in digital commerce marketing is figuring out how to bring relevant messaging and products of interest to each consumer who demonstrate purchase intent. Jivox’s Personalized Commerce Marketing offers a a suite of capabilities to personalize your digital commerce marketing and drive sales. Here’s how:

Challenges and Solutions

Increase Relevance. Drive Sales.

Jivox IQ’s Personalized Commerce Marketing enables global brands to message each consumer with relevance at every digital touchpoint– through the website, email, and paid ads. Increased relevance often translates into sales.

Customer Marketing Cycle

We used Jivox for real-time personalization and realized nearly a 30% increase in brand effectiveness or direct impact on sales volume. 

Former Brand Director and Head of Media, Digital, CRM & E-Commerce for Baby Care, at Pampers, Procter & Gamble

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personalization is particularly important for digital commerce marketing as every potential customer has their own level of intent, product interest and values that shape their perceived benefits of the product or service.

By personalizing digital commerce marketing, each customer should receive ad creative showcasing a selection of relevant products for their needs, that are readily available, and messaging that articulates the value proposition to them.

Jivox Personalized Commerce Marketing enables marketers to increase returns on commerce investment by: automating the creative production process, increasing engagement through more relevant ads, optimizing performance by serving the bestselling, in-stock products and providing industry-leading real-time analytics.

No, Jivox is not a digital commerce platform but rather a personalized commerce marketing solution. Digital commerce platforms would facilitate the transaction process, including hosting the product catalog, managing checkouts and payment processing. Jivox powers the personalized commerce marketing to drive engagement with the digital commerce platform and ultimately increase sales. Jivox can personalize digital commerce marketing across paid and owned media channels, leading up to the point of sale.

Jivox’s Personalized Commerce Marketing capabilities for example include: dynamic ad creative powered by product catalogs, digital commerce recommendation and purchase prediction algorithms and headless commerce for seamless checkout processes from ad to digital commerce platform.

In addition to broader benefits such as data-driven dynamic creative, powerful feed-based decisioning and ML-powered creative optimization; Jivox offers several capabilities that can specifically elevate brands’ ability to drive conversions on digital commerce platforms thanks in part to our partnerships with Shoppable, Amazon, Snowflake and more.

  • Recommendations & Purchase Predictions: In addition to optimizing creative to show the most effective combination of assets, Jivox can also make recommendations based on the products displayed in ads, can also showcase bestselling products and predict purchases based on user scoring and product ranking.
  • Headless Commerce: Enables seamless checkouts, directly from the ad experience; whereby a user lands on a custom branded dynamic landing page without the need to click-out to an external retailer site. Through our partnership with Shoppable, we are able to measure customer purchase activity and understand the impact of campaigns in real-time, to attribute credit across the marketing touchpoints.
  • High Performance Analytics: Jivox’s cloud-powered scalable analytics architecture can capture all consented user data surrounding creative assets shown, user engagement with the ads as well as conversion events. This is particularly relevant for digital commerce marketing where there are vast product ranges, volatility in product availability and many valuable insights to track on customer journeys through the digital commerce site in real-time.
  • Digital Commerce Attribution: Successful digital commerce marketing strategies combine multiple media channels and understand each channel’s role in facilitating conversions. Jivox’s Data Clean Room capabilities allow for controlled, collaborative and compliant attribution analytics, by stitching together data from multiple sources, including previously inaccessible walled gardens.

Currently, we work with e-tailers including:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Coupang
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Lazada
  • Rite-Aid
  • and More

Our enterprise architecture supports the integration of new capabilities seamlessly via APIs and partner integrations. We are always looking to expand our partner base and onboard more e-tailors or platforms. Our product and partnership teams can help determine your needs, advise on the current availability and make integrations happen.

Yes, Jivox supports custom feeds including offline feeds, CSV, XML, DAM format (ex: Bynder) and REST API feeds. These feeds can be integrated on an on-demand, scheduled or batch feed basis. Additionally, you can utilize your existing product feeds from Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) or Facebook Product Catalogs.

Jivox can perform complex feed transformations such as combining or splitting columns, calculating discounts, resizing assets and more. These feeds can then be used to power ad variations to showcase different products, offers or availability.

Thanks to our partnership with Shoppable we are able to track the conversion data from a transaction once it happens on the branded custom landing page initiated by click-through on a Jivox personalized ad.

Whereas other solutions may redirect to an e-tailer and share limited data back to the brand, Jivox & Shoppable provide actionable real-time insights for conversions and enable more accurate attribution reporting.

In addition to this, the High Performance Analytics & Data Clean Room offered by Jivox enable Customer Journey Analytics and more expansive attribution analytics by combining Jivox campaign data with other consumer activity and information from other platforms.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how you can start taking advantage of these features. Our team will be happy to schedule a demo and in-depth discussion of your goals, to see how Jivox can drive success for your brand through Personalized Commerce Marketing.

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