Customer Journey Optimization

See the best performing paths of your campaigns in real-time to maximize conversions and cost savings

Increase Engagement Through Customer Journey Optimization

Brands achieve precision marketing with Jivox’s AI-powered 360-degree customer journey analytics and optimization. Crunching terabytes of omni-channel data, Jivox IQ helps you identify and visualize which customer paths—starting from website, e-mail, or exposure to advertisement—are driving engagement, and optimize the best performing paths in real time.

Bridge The Gap Between Paid And Owned Media

For the first time, brands can easily see individual customers’ optimized journeys across owned media, such as email, website and paid media, including all formats of advertising.

Connect the dots

Get a 360-degree view of how and where customers are engaging with your brand.


Trace and visualize customers’ paths to purchase across all channels and devices.

Optimize Spend

We help you invest in the paths that drive engagement and conversion.

Embark On The Fast Path To Conversions, In Real-Time

Improve Customer Experience With
Real-Time Analytics

Harvard Business Review finds business leaders believe real-time customer analytics across multiple touchpoints is very important for customer experience.

Source: “Real-Time Analytics– the Key to Unlocking Customer Insights & Driving the Customer Experience”– Harvard Business Review

Personalize Content Delivery Automatically For Website
And Email Using Your Preferred Email Marketing Systems


Use any data source to personalize web images and copy in real time


Combine your preferred email system and any data source to personalize email content on the fly


Bridge the gap between paid and owned media by extending personalization to website and e-mail