DCO Case Study: Sports Apparel

A F100 Sports Apparel Pioneer’s Journey To Omnichannel Personalization

DCO Case Study: Sports Apparel

A F100 Sports Apparel Pioneer’s Journey To Omnichannel Personalization




Pure-play retargeting, bottom-funnel ads



Expanded to new geographies and new advertising channels



Expanded to mid- and upper-funnel strategies and subscribed to advanced creative optimization



Added social channels to the advertising mix and used A/B testing with social ads to optimize creatives

2022 & Beyond


Add bestseller recommendations and double the geographical markets

Fast Path To Omni-Channel Personalization

One of our key customers, a global Fortune 100 sports apparel brand has successfully scaled omni-channel personalization with Jivox over the past 5 years.  Here’s a look at their journey so far:

5 years and counting

5 years & counting

of running 1:1 personalized
campaigns with Jivox

Expanding markets

Adopted by 20 markets

with plans to further expand

Scaled channels

Scaled from 1 to 5 channels

with more to come

Metrics-Driven Personalization

Metrics-Driven Personalization

The brand began their personalization journey with retargeting ad campaigns that have evolved over 5 years to embrace a full-funnel omni-channel strategy that leverages the most advanced capabilities of our platform.

Today, the brand leverages real-time A/B testing to test different ad creatives and optimize them based on conversion rates.

Hitting Key Milestones

customer metrics

The pandemic in 2020 overturned the business plans of most retail companies globally as shelter-in-place restrictions severely limited revenue from physical, in-store shopping. At a time when many brands scaled down their marketing budgets, this brand made a choice to confront the changing nature of retail during the pandemic by doubling down on its digital Direct-to-Consumer strategy across 20 markets.

Overcoming Major Hurdles

The brand needed a personalization partner that would enable them to easily scale 1:1 messages across multiple geographies while giving the flexibility to respond to constantly changing market conditions. Here are the key challenges they faced:

Create hyper-personalized ads at scale

to show relevant products (in terms of availability and interest) without restricting their creative freedom through rigid templates

Agility to respond quickly

to changing market conditions with short production and activation timelines

Advanced feed processing capabilities

to sift through large volumes of products in different languages while setting up decisioning rules

The Competitive Strategy: Personalization At Scale

This brand’s sophisticated personalization strategy would have been impossible to manage without data-driven automation from a centralized platform.

  • The brand devised multiple campaigns that featured location-specific product availability and prices in local languages
  • Multiple feeds were used, with each feed consisting of large product volumes between 6,000-10,000
  • Using multiple original creative masters developed by the creative team, the brand generated over 2 million different creative variations that were aligned to changing consumer preferences.
Personalization at scale




Dynamic elements


Data triggers

Optimize Your Data Strategy For Personalization

Crossing The Finish Line With Jivox

Feed processing

Feed Processing

Jivox performed real-time decisioning of creatives using content taken from more than 20 feeds. The feed content spanned multiple languages, and more than 10,000 products.

AI powered

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Jivox’s powerful Recommendation Engine selected the right products to retarget users based on their previous website actions.


Creative Auto-Optimization

The brand used Jivox’s advanced creative auto-optimization engine to test and optimize multiple copies, images, products and messaging in real-time.

Promotion agility

Promotion Agility

Working with Jivox gave the brand maximum flexibility with respect to planning, allowing them to run multiple promotions with a short turnaround time and minimal tech intervention.

Data and analytics have been instrumental in driving the campaigns’ success.

We’ve tested, measured, and optimized the personalized dynamic creatives, along with the personalization strategy that involves channel and geographical expansions. I look forward to taking personalization to the next level by helping them with the bestseller recommendations in the next phase.

Esther Neil, Senior Customer Success Director, Jivox