Content Management System

The Jivox IQ Content Management System (CMS) is an advanced dynamic repository of creative assets and an integration point for external asset feeds from external CMS systems, such as Adobe’s Experience Manager. It separates out creative assets from the layout and logic of a personalized ad, video or email, which means campaign managers can do the following:

Swap creative assets in flight.

Creatives are built on-the-fly for every individual consumer. Changes are made easily from the Jivox IQ Studio, and every ad containing that asset will render the new asset within minutes of the swap. Swaps can also be done programmatically based on data signals or optimization algorithms.

Share assets across all units.

Creative assets can be shared across any number of ad units, making campaign-wide updates instantaneous and eliminating the need to re-traffick new ad tags.

Use “widgets” as creative assets.

Widgets such as a polling quiz or a game are assets that, under the covers, are really just code. These function exactly like creative assets. They are easy to store and dynamically deliver to all ad units.

Include video, feeds, social media buttons and other complex assets.

All these assets and more, including galleries, interaction panels, email input forms, and other complex assets are stored and delivered just like their simpler counterparts.

The IQ CMS uses sophisticated CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology to ensure assets are delivered from a local server near the user. The CMS system is built for scale and has no real limits in the number of assets that can be stored and delivered.

Campaigns with several million individual assets can easily be stored and retrieved dynamically.