DCO Case Study: Global Consumer Electronics

A Global 500 Consumer Electronics Giant Boosts Engagement With Video-Display Sequential Ad Campaign

CTR Lift

Dynamic video CTR

Campaign Overview

A Leader in home appliances, consumer electronics and mobile communications introduced its premium product line to a new audience apart from those purchasing its regular products. As these products were not sold directly from the brand websites, limited first-party data made it a challenge for the brand to personalize ads. Equally challenging was their need to recognize the same consumers moving across video and display channels.

Omni-Channel Solution For Scaling Personalized Sequential Ads

  • 10 Interest Segments, 3 Product categories, and more than 300 rules led to 36 video and 18 display creative variants personalized in real time.
  • The brand leveraged sequential messaging aimed at micro audiences during each of the purchase funnel stages:
    • Attention (Video)
    • Consideration (Video)
    • Purchase (Display)
  • At every stage, Jivox identified viewers demonstrating a higher intent to purchase a specific product in order to serve them the next most relevant ad in sequence.
  • By leveraging more progressive insights about micro audiences, Jivox also helped the brand adapt its strategy by adding new audience segments based on visitor behavior in real time.
Consumer Electronics Case Study