DCO Case Study: Global 500 CPG Beverage

A Premier Beverage And Snack Brand Of A Global 500 Company Boosts Engagement And Media-Buy Efficiency

CTR Lift

-26% -11%
vCPM Reduction

Campaign Overview

A large multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation increased engagement and reduced the cost of media-buy using Jivox. The ad campaign strategy focused on promoting the brand’s beverage with regional flavors of Thailand using Location and Time of Day as dynamic personalization triggers.

Engagement Lift Optimized Media Investment

  • 125 unique creative variants personalized with different regions, meal moments, image and copy variations–served on-the-fly.
  • Reduced viewable impression cost (vCPM) for desktop and mobile devices through audience behavior insights from Jivox, with subsequent shift of campaign focus to the highest performing audiences, locations, and a specific time of the day.
Beverage Case Study