DCO Case Study: Global Hospitality Chain

A Fortune 500 Global Hospitality Company Boosts Hotel Bookings With Hyper-personalized DCO

Conversion rate increase
between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of campaign

CTR Lift

Campaign Overview

A global hospitality chain sought to increase room bookings through the adoption of emerging technologies with readily available first-party and contextual data. By partnering with Jivox, this company implemented a personalization ad campaign in two phases. Phase I focused on destinations with historically higher room bookings and Phase II focused on both high and low revenue destinations.

Hyper Personalized Ads Using Multiple Data Triggers

With one creative master, Jivox served 1,400 unique ads personalized using multiple data triggers ,including:

  • Contextual data: publicly available data like language and weather
  • First-party data: loyalty program membership data
  • Third-party data: traveler’s affinity to a specific brand
  • Retargeting data: time of last website visit and last page viewed-–for example: destination (upper funnel) versus specific property (lower funnel)
Hospitality Case Study