DCO Case Study: Hospitality

Fortune 500 Global Hospitality Brand Reaps The Rewards of Personalized Dynamic Video Ads

250%Metrics arrow up

increase in click through rate

81%Metrics arrow up

increase in site visit

60%Metrics arrow up

increase in loyalty point redemption

33%Metrics arrow up

higher dwell time versus industry benchmark

Checking In With Dynamic Video Ads

This leading hospitality giant sought to build brand awareness and increase engagement among members of its loyalty program. It devised an innovative video campaign featuring curated member experiences and needed a partner that could:

Generate video ads quickly

and at scale with minimal manual intervention

Automate real-time ad updates

to reflect the most relevant messages based on membership tier

Optimize ads for Facebook mobile

based on key performance indicators

Five Star Experiences

The brand delivered an award-winning video campaign for Facebook by:

  • Featuring a set of highly curated experiences that loyal members could bid for using their points
  • Varying experiences across categories such as dining, sports, and live events to appeal to the members’ interests
  • Updating the ad every few to offer relevant experiences based on availability and membership tier

A Video For Every Moment

To deliver the most memorable ads for its loyal members, the brand tapped into Jivox’s cloud-powered Dynamic Video ads to:

  • Render video ads featuring multiple experiences across different destinations and sub-categories
  • Assemble ads in near real-time to showcase experiences based on two ever-changing data points: availability of experience and members’ existing point levels
  • Refresh the ads every 8 minutes optimized based on KPIs to increase conversion




Drive Conversions, Reduce Cost With Personalized Dynamic Video Ads