DCO Case Study: CPG

Maggi Has The Recipe For Website Traffic

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Gold Winner

Smarties Awards 2023

Maggi is a market leader in the food industry, specializing in seasonings, instant soups and noodles. But they wanted to find new ways to encourage their customers to use more of their Maggi products to make the perfect meal.

They knew that their customers were always on, trying to find delicious meals that fit their budget and lifestyle. It was just a matter of reaching them at the right moment with the right content.

The solution to Maggi was obvious: create a collection of compelling recipes to suit every occasion for a meal and offer these on their website. But the next challenge was to match their prospective customers with the right recipes – with over 200 available.

An Always-On Campaign Strategy For A Hungry Audience

Using an always-on campaign strategy, Maggi sought to build digital audiences that not only helped them develop and sharpen their recipe content but could be activated to improve their campaign results. They had their eyes on two separate groups: passionate cooks and efficient cooks.

Jivox Serves Up Personalized Ads Featuring Relevant Recipes

Using the Jivox DCO platform, Maggi served personalized ads featuring their 200+ recipes. The team brainstormed what would affect peoples’ tastes and how to serve up relevant recipes. Their theory was that the weather played a role; with rainy and sunny conditions contributing to cravings for different types of meal.

Rules were set up to show relevant recipes based on whether it was raining as well as the time of day; with different recipes served at breakfast times vs the rest of the day. Personalization efforts also took into account the type of cook they were: passionate or efficient.

Jivox Serves Up Personalized Ads Featuring Relevant Recipes

The campaign featured over 7,000 creative variations in all – enough to make any marketer sweat but made effortless by Jivox’s decisioning capabilities that take the defined rules and automatically decide which variations to show to which users. The campaign strategy would be unthinkable without DCO.

7,000+ Creative Variations

Serving Top Quality Campaign Results

Before launching their campaign with Jivox DCO, Maggi’s website received an average of 580,000 monthly visits with a 0.56% click through rate on their ads. After a month of using Jivox DCO, Maggi brought in 1.4 million monthly website visits and increased their click through rate by 300%, bringing it up to 1.84% — demonstrating that relevance is a recipe for success.

The Maggi campaign was the first to use automated DCO across all of Nestle Philippines and it drastically increased website traffic and performance. Maggi set out to help every Filipino household cook simple and delicious meals to fit their budget and lifestyle. Working with Jivox DCO, they’ve managed to build significantly on that dream and win Gold in the Creative Personalization category in the 2023 Smarties Awards.




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