DCO Case Study: CPG

Nestle Boosts Appetite Through Relevant Mealtime Creative

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Increase In Conversion Rate

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Lift In Average Value

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Higher ROAS

Nestle Indonesia was getting consistent results from their Collaborative Ad (CPAS) always-on campaigns.

They followed best practices and the conversion reliably came in, but they wanted a way to scale their campaigns further.

But to get the results Nestle wanted, they had to find a way to increase the relevancy of their ads to consumers.

A Menu Of Creatives For Each Mealtime

Food & Beverage products are consumed at different times of the day and for a variety of reasons. In the morning you want an energy boost to prepare you for the day. At midday, you need something for your break, while at night you probably want a snack while you watch a movie.

Nestle’s concept involved different creatives for three times of day – morning, noon and night. They would choose products that suited those times of day with ads that reflected the time in copy and design. In addition, Nestle narrowed creatives down to two audiences: general and moms specifically.

The themes for each time of day were as follows:

Sunrise icon

Morning: preparing to start the day with brands such as Koko Krunch and Milo

Day icon

Afternoon: enjoying the midday rest with products from KitKat and Bear Brand

Night icon

Night: relax and prepare for tomorrow with Nestle favorites

The concept was ready but the real question was how to execute a campaign with this extra complexity. That’s where Jivox came in.

The Appetite For Automation

The two main challenges for Nestle were to produce an initial set of 24 creatives that then needed to be dynamically switched three times a day for the duration of the campaign. By partnering with Jivox, they were able to handily achieve these two objectives using DCO automation.

Jivox Dynamic Canvas Studio

Effortless Creative & Workflow Automation

The Jivox Dynamic Canvas Studio allows brands to create multiple creative variations from one creative working file. Not only did this key automation allow Nestle to deploy their full brand identity but it saved many hours of redundant work for the design team. This was especially useful to keep creative refreshed and avoid ad fatigue – the creative variations were refreshed with minimal effort on a monthly basis.

What’s more, this workflow was automated by connecting to various retailer product catalogs to feed the creative with the relevant packshots and link out to where they are stocked. Providers including Tokopedia, Lazada and Shopee were connected and used to populate Facebook Collection Ads to drive sales.

Real-Time Creative Switching With DCO

Based on data signals, Jivox automated switching to reflect the time of day. The platform can adjust ads based on a variety of contextual data inputs including weather, audience behavior, and in the case of this campaign, time of day. Automation makes this possible and drives a more relevant message for the audience.

A Taste Of Success

When Nestle and Dentsu planned their new CPAS campaign, they were looking for scale, thinking they could do better. And with the help of Jivox, they were able to achieve this goal.

By making their ads more relevant using personalization techniques, they managed to increase their purchase conversion rate by 32%, lift their average order value by 40% and boost their ROAS 34%. Ultimately this campaign was a key factor in the 30% growth of Nestle’s Official Store vs the previous quarter.

34% Boost In ROAS




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