DCO Case Study: Fortune 500 Automotive Marketplace

A Fortune 500 Online Automobile Marketplace Drives Conversion With Jivox

CTR Lift

Higher Interaction

Campaign Overview

A leading online automotive marketplace that facilitates buying and selling cars sought to increase conversion rate through webform submission by potential car buyers. The campaign primarily focused on retargeting “likely” buyers based on their search history on this website.

Personalization Omni-channel Retargeting

  • Retargeted website visitors based on their most recent interaction with the website.
  • Data triggers for personalizing DCO included:
    • Unique vehicle identification number (VIN) last viewed
    • Make or model such as SUV, Sedan, Convertible last viewed
    • ZIP code of website visitors to trigger recommendations of the closest dealers
  • Personalized dynamic creative served across desktop and mobile devices in real time.
Automotive Marketplace Case Study