DCO Case Study: Fortune 500 CPG Medications

An OTC Brand Of A Fortune 500 Company Saw 19x Engagement Lift Using Dynamic Video Ads

CTR Lift

Video Completion Rate

Campaign Overview

An over-the-counter (OTC) brand of a large multinational pharmaceutical company known for its innovation sought to create brand awareness by empowering allergy sufferers to enjoy the outdoors using a 3-fold video strategy approach in the US.

Personalizing Video Ads Based On Weather And Location Triggers

  • Video ads were personalized based on individual consumers’ current locations and weather conditions:
    • Selected Cities: A consumer within any of the selected US cities under sunny weather was served a 15-second dynamic video ad, showing the specific location and weather forecast in real time.
    • Extreme Weather: A consumer experiencing extreme weather conditions was served a 30-second video ad triggered by such local weather conditions.
    • Outside Selected Cities: A consumer outside the selected US cities was served a 30-second evergreen video ad.