DCO Case Study: Retail

A Sporting Equipment Company Accelerates Engagement With Weather Triggered Facebook Ads

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Campaign Overview

A large sporting equipment company had seen tremendous success with Jivox through its display campaign that performed 3x better than the industry average. Taking the personalization expertise gained from these campaigns, this company moved to personalize social advertising—namely Facebook. Weather was a key message driver but, in the absence of this data trigger on Facebook, Jivox’s platform was once again leveraged to replicate prior success.

Personalized Social Advertising: Scale & Efficiency

  • Thanks to API integration with Facebook, the company easily personalized ads using Jivox personalization triggers, such as weather and temperature.
  • 22 creative variations created for audiences interested in winter and outdoor sports.
  • Ads were served dynamically, in real time, in 16 US cities based on the weather and temperature at nearby ski destinations.
  • The addition of a weather trigger to Facebook ads removed the need to manually check weather conditions prior to serving ads, a tedious task neither scalable nor efficient.
Sporting Equipment Case Study

The Company’s Omni-Channel Personalization Journey