Anna Luo

Senior Vice President, Customer Innovation & Marketing

Anna Luo is passionate about introducing cutting-edge technologies to enterprise customers – putting them on the path of increased competitiveness, accelerated growth, and improved compliance. She has two decades of marketing experience, most of which she has spent driving across-functional collaboration to scale startups and contributing to successful exits via IPO and acquisition.

At Jivox, she implements growth marketing to experiment with strategy and tactics, test audiences and discover market opportunities. Consistently analyzing data/metrics, she optimizes and scales growth. Anna’s marketing leadership role spans real-time data/streaming analytics and cyber security, including Sentilla, provider of predictive analytics for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures; Coral8, a startup developing complex event processing platform based on Project STREAM from Stanford University; Vidder (software defined security). Her full-time and consulting role in other companies included Counterpane Internet Security (acquired by BT), TIBCO, a leader in event-driven platform that went public in 1999, and CTB/McGraw Hill, where she spearheaded an online ideation and networking program to improve customer experience and retention for a $35-million online assessment product.

Anna is an endurance athlete and has competed at the Long Course Aquabike National Championships, earning her a spot on Team USA. Between her career and racing, she finds time to mentor young professionals. Anna is a contributing author for Forbes Communications Council and Entrepreneur Magazine. She holds a Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley.