Jixox IQ Console

The Jivox IQ Console is a self-service user interface where content and creative developers, campaign managers, data scientists and ad operations personnel aggregate data and creatives and set up campaigns for deployment across all display, video, social, native and email creatives.


Using Console, content producers become personalization experts, with the power to deploy thousands of creative variations in a single campaign. Console far outpaces traditional ad builders with innovations, including:

The Dynamic Canvas,  revolutionary technology that lets digital content creators think outside the box about how they want to present brand and product messages. Our patented technology turns creative assets, such as images, copy blocks and data triggers to name just a few, into distinct components which can then be selected and rendered in-flight to generate a native ad, a video, an email, or whatever else you can imagine.

A Drag-n-Drop layout editor, implemented so that campaign managers and creative types don’t have to have engineering and developer skills in order to create compelling ads or content marketing campaigns. The editor is integrated with popular creative design tools like Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe Animate CC. Designs in those tools can easily be imported into the platform and used as a creative master for the dynamic creative variations set up in the console.


A Rules Based User Interface for optimizing thousands, even millions of creative variants. Users can easily create decision trees and multiple levels of nested rules and priorities, while having an easy preview of all dynamic variants.  These rules are executed in the cloud by the Jivox IQ Personalization Engine. All edits to rules can be made dynamically while the campaign is in flight, previewed, tested and published when ready without and changes to the ad tags.


Integrated Campaign Management enables campaign managers and ad operations personnel to easily setup and traffic very complex campaigns with thousands of placements, across various formats, using a highly intuitive user-interface. Users can easily import media plans from Facebook Atlas and Mediaocean Prisma as well as from file-based media plans — all in a single step. Third-party trackers and pixels for viewability can all be imported into the platform and pushed live from the console.

Data collection for the Personalization Hub becomes very easy with our first-party pixel generator. This makes data capture from a brand site a breeze, using its image or script pixels.

Conversion Tracking and Attribution is built into the Jivox IQ platform. Pixels can be embedded into a brand site to record conversions for both click through and view through conversions. Conversion data can also be reported to primary ad servers like DoubleClick DCM and others. This data can also be reported to third-party cross-channel attribution platforms.

Reporting and Analytics is available from the Jivox IQ Console. All metrics are reported by Media channel/partner, site/targeting segment, placement, creative variant and even down to each individual asset (i.e., image, copy). Numerous custom reports and charts are available in the Jivox Console dashboard as well as a custom reporting tool. Users can simply select from hundreds of metrics for reporting in a format of their choosing.