Data Clean Room:
Analytics. Attribution. Audience.

True 1:1 Personalization generates vast amounts of data – all of which must respect user consent and data privacy.

Jivox IQ Blaze provides powerful real-time analytics and omnichannel, privacy-first attribution for brands to connect the dots for each customer’s journey – without guessing.

Real-Time Analytics

Ad-hoc analytics visualized in a BI tool of your choice. Translate user behavior into real-time insights that drive personalized product recommendations and inspire in-the-moment purchase.

Privacy-First Attribution

Connect brand and partner data across walled gardens and the open web with a first-party identity graph—enabling omnichannel sales attribution.

Audience Performance

Use granular insights from Jivox to compare audience performance and create high-performing micro-segmented audiences in CDPs, optimizing ROI and customer experience.

Why Data Clean Room?

Are you looking for a privacy-first solution to analyze your omnichannel marketing campaigns and optimize your ROI in one place?

Jivox Data Clean Room could be the answer.

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What Are The Benefits Of Jivox IQ Blaze Analytics?

granular insightsTrue 1:1 personalization includes vast amounts of data; including audience data, creative assets served, user actions and more.

This requires a scalable analytics solution, such as Jivox IQ Blaze, that can grow with the data needs of your brand and reliably deliver insights when most needed.

All this is offered in pre-aggregated formats, in addition to raw log data, making this analysis much more manageable.

actionable insightsMany analytics solutions out there rely on batch-processing, which means reports are only generated at set intervals.

Previously, brands wishing to delve deeper into all the granular data from a platform would be required to export log data files, manually move into their BI tools and stitch data together from different sources. This was time-consuming and prone to errors, making this unfeasible for many brands.

With Jivox IQ Blaze, there is no need to move data manually and all data is available in real-time, allowing you to run ad-hoc queries on the cloud-powered data warehouse for instantly actionable insights. No more waiting for reports or manual exports — accurate, up-to-date and detailed data available stress-free.

In a world where data is perceived as the new gold, transparency and control for brands’ data is key.

Jivox empowers you to take control of consented user data with flexible analytics options. Access insights quickly via the platform interface, query the data on an ad-hoc basis in real-time from your chosen BI tools and connect with other data sources in Data Clean Room for attribution, all whilst retaining ownership and upholding user privacy.

To gain a holistic view of the customer journey, you need a solution to match the user identity across platforms while respecting data privacy.

All Jivox analytics are underpinned by IQID — Jivox’s deterministic identity graph which connects all consented data points on a given user.

Making this data available anonymized in the secure, encrypted Data Clean Room allows you to match users across partner platforms and data sources for modern attribution measurement.

All data is processed in accordance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to ensure user privacy and compliance comes first.

With all the audience insights derived from personalization campaigns, you need a way to improve on strategies for the future by identifying high-value microsegments.

The real-time insights offered by Jivox, combined with the IQID deterministic identity graph, allow you to turn high performing groups into audience segments to show hyper-personalized ads in record time.

Jivox IQ Blaze’s Industry-Leading Capabilities
Solve Key Analytics Challenges

Data clean room

Data Clean Room

Attribute Actions Across Platforms In A Privacy-First Environment.

Jivox IQ Blaze’s Data Clean Room provides a secure, privacy-compliant environment for joint data analysis, giving brands more control over their data than ever before.

  • Securely query data in real-time, in a privacy-compliant manner, directly from BI tools with no manual export of log files needed.
  • Match user IDs and other consumer identity information with other platforms for easier, accurate attribution.
  • Access to raw Jivox data including details on audiences, assets and events to help identify high-value users and inform future target audiences.

High Performance Analytics

Get Granular Insights At Lightning-Fast Speed.

Jivox IQ Blaze combines advanced data warehouse and event processing technology that offers brands the speed, scale & flexibility needed to drive success with personalization.

  • All data resides in the data warehouse using technology from Snowflake®, to allow brands easy access to aggregated data – no need to export log files.
  • Granular insights down to individual creative asset performance, enabled by cloud-based data warehouse with unlimited scale of report execution.
  • Compatible with brand’s choice of BI tools for further analysis, in addition to the self-serve report builder UI.
Data clean room
Data clean room

Customer Journey Analytics

Understand The Customer Journey To Improve Personalization.

Jivox Customer Journey Analytics complements IQ Blaze and enables brands to see individual customers’ optimized journeys across paid and owned media.

  • Get a 360-degree view of how and where customers are engaging with your brand.
  • Trace and visualize customers’ paths to purchase across all channels and devices.
  • Ensure efficient spend by investing in the paths that drive engagement and conversion.

While consumers appreciate and value personalization, they also expect brands to safeguard their data. As brands implement personalization, they have to pick platforms that can take their data seriously and scale with the data demands they have, both in terms of data coming into the system for personalization, as well as the optimization and attribution that comes out of the platform.

Diaz Nesamoney, President, CEO & Founder, Jivox

Built On Snowflake®

Jivox IQ Blaze is built with industry-leading technology from Snowflake®, providing best-in-class scalability, reliability and performance.

Jivox IQiD

A consistent view of the customer journey requires a first-party identity solution fit for a world without third-party cookies.

Jivox IQiD Identity Graph captures all consented user data across Jivox and connects to a network of other privacy-first identity solutions to give the brands a sustainable way to track performance.

IQiD uses a deterministic methodology, so user devices are linked only via PII (Personally Identifiable Information) when directly utilizing this information.

This enables people-based personalization at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jivox takes analytics a step further and makes pre-aggregated data available for query via brand’s own external tools in real-time.

This means, instead of manually exporting, importing and stitching data sets – which can be very time-consuming and error-prone – brands can open up their usual BI tool such as Power BI or Tableau and see all Jivox data right there, ready to pull insights ad-hoc.

This enables faster insights for brands, whilst also streamlining the process to avoid any unnecessary errors.

Jivox offers brands full transparency into the performance data of personalization campaigns.

  • Placement Level: Tracking the contribution of each ad size and media audience.
  • Audience Level: Performance of different data triggers used for decisioning, such as DMP segments, DSP audience IDs and retargeting pixel audiences.
  • Creative Level: Performance of every creative variation generated across the campaign strategy.
  • Asset Level: Performance of every creative asset such as offer, copy, image etc that make up the composition of the creative variation.
  • Impression Level: Impression and conversion reports for all events tracked by users.
Jivox IQ Blaze offers real-time querying of Jivox reporting data via any business intelligence tool or advanced analytics solution that can connect to Snowflake.

If you have questions around a specific tool or use case, please get in touch with our team.

Jivox uses industry-leading technology from Snowflake to power the cloud-powered auto-scaling data warehouse which offers brands unlimited scale, high-speed and superior reliability for their analytics.

In addition to this, working with Snowflake on the Data Clean Room functionality means that brands can connect their partner data via the Snowflake Data Cloud for advanced measurement, identity matching and attribution.

Jivox IQ Blaze Data Clean Room can work in tandem with those from other vendors. Jivox is independent and has an open approach, allowing brands to manage their data in accordance with their standards and applications. This means that Jivox campaign data is not held in a silo and allows brands to measure the impact of personalized ads alongside data shared from other platforms.

Yes, thanks to Jivox’s First-Party Identity Graph IQID, you will be able to follow the customer journey across interactions with your brand’s advertising.

Report data will include necessary dimensions for you to breakdown based on audiences to see how they are engaging with different creative messaging.

The granular performance data provided by Jivox will enable audience-based insights so you can start to categorize high-performing user groups based on their traits.

These micro-segments could be determined by engagement data (i.e. clicks, website actions taken), demographics (i.e. age ranges within a broad group) or the creative served (i.e. the offer or messaging they are responding well to) as a few examples.

This data can then inform segment creation for future personalization decision logic, so you can set up rules for these individuals at a 1:1 level.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how you can start taking advantage of these features. Our team will be happy to schedule a demo and in-depth discussion of your goals, to see how Jivox can drive success for your brand through tying together personalized creative and customer journey insights through advanced analytics.

Jivox IQ Provides Enterprise-Ready Personalization

IQ Blaze is the latest release which cements the position of Jivox as a leader in personalization platforms. The cutting edge technology powering scalable analytics is the result of continuing innovation across four key pillars to support large enterprises.



Security & Privacy

Enterprise Account

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