DCO Case Study: Financial Services

A Fortune 100 Multinational Investment Bank Sees Growth In ROI With Jivox’s Enterprise-Ready Personalization


In Production Costs
over industry benchmark


Lift in CTR
Over Industry Benchmarks for
Institutional Investor Campaign


Increase in ROI
using Jivox

This American multinational investment bank began it’s DCO journey with us two years ago. Jivox currently runs prospecting campaigns for a range of mutual funds within the bank’s Asset Management division: Funds, NAI (North American Institutions), DC (Defined Contributions) and Private banking.

The bank collaborated with Jivox’s Customer Success team and used our Dynamic Canvas Studio technology to build and take personalized marketing campaigns live in rapid succession.

The end goal? Increased awareness and interactions (clicks, impressions) amongst investors.

Banking On The Right DCO Partner

This bank came from an industry which has, to date, not explored DCO and creative automation solutions.
They approached Jivox with some apprehensions and expectations from their very first DCO partner.


in processing and analysing large volumes of data while being compliant with SOC2 Type 2 standards

Legal Compliance

with obtaining creative approvals and feedback across all variations in a time-efficient, secure and streamlined manner

Enterprise Access Management

to help replicate the complex hierarchies of users, partners and permissions involved in marketing workflows

Successful Investments in Automation

With the above apprehensions and expectations, the brand was seeking a true enterprise grade personalized DCO experience that would help them automate and scale their slow and expensive existing creative production process.

The brand began its DCO journey by connecting its data sources (DMPs such as DV360, CustomIntent, Morning Star, Mutual Fund Cover and Linkedin) with us for decisioning and ventured into using our Dynamic Canvas Studio to automate personalized creatives. Eventually the brand added more features such as A/B testing and Auto-Optimization to improve performance over time.

Scale marketing campaigns...

Building Bonds With Investors Via Engaging Automated Creative

  • Prior to using DCO technology, this bank was using standard, templated creatives that were visually unappealing.
  • As such creatives led to negative perceptions and a feeling of distrust amongst the targeted audience, the bank set out to create entirely new ads.
  • Using our Dynamic Canvas technology, the bank automated the generation of an initial 104 personalized ads from a handful of creative masters.
  • These ads incorporated important branding elements in the look and feel across multiple channels at an effective cost and through a sustainable, quick process.

Optimizing Investments, Automated

  • The brand used Jivox’s powerful auto-optimization feature to personalize their ads with messaging based on the location and segment of the viewer. This ensured a higher probability of engagement and purchase.
  • The bank witnessed a CTR jump (over the benchmark figures of 5x in the funds campaign and 35x in the institutional campaign.
  • Most recently, the bank has taken to performing A/B tests on its creatives to understand which creatives perform better across which channels and audiences.
More conversions and engagement

Financing The Winning Campaigns

This financial institute approached us with multiple use cases for the funds which they wanted to run campaigns for. We’ve outlined strategies which we ideated and executed for each of the use cases.

USE CASE 1: Income-based Personalization

Generating and optimizing content across thousands of variations of creatives based on demographic data and creative type.

Target audience

Jivox integrated with the DMPs that brands work with to directly collect demographic data (Types of investors, wealth brackets, locations) for the Funds, NAI and DC campaigns. The following micro-segments were formed using this data:

  1. Individual financial professionals looking to invest in different types of mutual funds.
  2. Institutional investors
  3. Defined contributors
Dynamic elements
  • The bank wanted to create thousands of variations by dynamically changing background images, CTA and landing pages across all 3 campaigns.
  • Each type of mutual fund (Funds, NAI, DC) consisted of a group of individual mutual funds.
  • Each creative variation led the viewer to a different landing page which contained details about one of these funds, which was selected by the Jivox platform based on the micro-segment information.
  • Jivox’s Auto-Optimizer would perform an assessment based on demographic data, creative type and asset-variant performance to understand which creatives were performing well across which audiences.




USE CASE 2: Location-based Personalization

Running local campaigns across different regions of America to understand which creatives and messaging work well in which region.

Target Audience
  • This campaign focused on High Net Worth Individuals investing over a specific threshold.
  • The audience was split into two categories:
    • Category A: People who have already invested in certain funds of the bank
    • Category B: People who have shown interest in investment opportunities with the bank
  • We utilized geolocation to personalize messaging across different regions of America such as: Boston, Eastbay, Irvine, Long island, Los Angeles, Miami, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Philadelphia, San Francisco.
Dynamic elements

Creatives were of four types:

  • Category A, Reach (Upper funnel styled landing page)
  • Category B, Reach (Upper funnel styled landing page)
  • Category A, Convert (Lower funnel styled landing page)
  • Category B, Convert (Lower funnel styled landing page)

Each city/region has these 4 types of ads with dynamic elements such as background image, CTA and landing page varying.

Category A, Convert

Category A, Reach

Category B, Convert

Category B, Reach




Dynamic elements


Data triggers

Ad previews for representative purposes only.

Over the past 3 years, this top investment banking company has witnessed a successful positive shift in consumers perceptions of their brand as a result of hyper-personalized communication.

This financial institute was one of the first adopters of DCO automation in the banking industry, and this bold step, didn’t just help scale its marketing campaigns, but also resulted in a tremendous growth in ROI.

Neeraja Bydipudi,
Customer Success, Jivox