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Marriott Reaps The Rewards Of Personalized Dynamic Video

Increase in click-through rate

Increase in site visits

Minutes between creative refreshes

Check In

Marriott sought to engage its reward members by offering curated experiences on which they could bid using loyalty points.

The ‘Marriott Reward Moments’ campaign included experiences such as private dinners with celebrity chefs, suite seats at the Super Bowl and backstage passes at some of the world’s premiere music events.

The video campaign needed to showcase these experiences across social media and increase traffic to the Moments website by showing experiences priced within an affordable range for reward members.

The brand needed to generate video variations in near real-time to display bid prices – a perfect fit for Jivox’s dynamic video personalization.

Five Star Experiences

The campaign’s target audience were the Marriott Rewards Elite members (the top 10 percent of all Marriott Rewards Members) in the United States:

  • Elite members with more than 30,000 points were targeted to redeem their points,
  • Elite members with fewer than 30,000 points were targeted to build awareness of the platform.

The challenge Marriott Rewards faced was building awareness of the Moments platform while also increasing engagement with Elite members who have earned enough points to redeem.

A Video For Every Moment

Marriott launched a complex campaign strategy that used Jivox’s rapid cloud-powered video rendering at scale to generate new offers every 15 minutes, triggering updates to the video creatives in real time across social:

  • Each video was 15 to 30 seconds long and featured three Moments, including more than 60 unique video clips sourced by sub-category and destination.
  • The campaign required ads to be assembled in real-time based on two constantly changing variables– availability and bid price of experiences and members’ point level.

When compared to previous campaigns, bids increased by 33 percent, and dwell time was 33 percent higher than industry benchmarks.

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Optimize Your Data Strategy For Personalization

“While personalized marketing messaging sounds like a digital affair…many marketing innovations are really invitations to look across the marketing mix using a comprehensive, omni-channel lens.”

Karin Timpone, CMO, Marriott International