DCO Case Study: Fortune 500 Hospitality

A Fortune 500 Hospitality Company Strengthens Customer Loyalty With Personalized Dynamic Video Ads

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Minutes between
creative refreshes

Uplift in CTR

Campaign Overview

One of the world’s largest hospitality companies sought to engage its reward members by offering curated experiences on which they could bid using loyalty points. Leveraging Jivox IQ and its integration with Adobe After Effects, the company launched a complex campaign strategy that pushed new offers every 15 mins, triggering the updates of video creative in real time across display and social.

Video Ad Personalization on-the-Fly

  • The campaign required ads to be assembled in real-time based on two constantly changing variables– availability and bid price of experiences and members’ point level
  • A single master file was used to generate a minimum of 28 video ads at any point in time based on the below criteria:
    • No two experiences could be from the same category
    • No two experiences could be from the same city
    • Matching bid prices of experiences to membership tiers
Hospitality Case Study
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