Data-Driven Purchase Prediction For E-Commerce

Opportunity knocks.
Kairos shows you which consumers come to your website, browse the latest collection of your casual and high-fashion shoes (the various models, colors, styles), and importantly, which consumers are thinking about buying.
Quickly convert engagement to ecommerce

Meet Kairos

Kairos, in Greek, means “opportunity” or “opportune moment.”

Jivox Kairos™ is the market’s first purchase prediction engine for e-commerce marketing, with a patent granted to Jivox for SCORING USERS BASED ON INTENT FOR ONLINE ADVERTISING. As a global brand marketer, you can confidently use this cutting-edge technology to drive sales, by personalizing messaging in real time to individual consumers based on their interests and in-the-moment purchase intent.

How It Works

Built on the Jivox Neuron™ AI and machine learning technology, Kairos “learns” how a product is relevant to a specific consumer based on their purchase intent. Kairos algorithms use these purchase intent signals to score individual users’ likelihood and immediacy to make a purchase, and rank products relative to the consumer’s interest. The pairing of user scoring and product ranking creates for you the opportune moment to serve the right message with the right product offer at the right time.

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 Kairos purchase prediction engine diagram
Predicting Buyer Intent

Predicting Buyer Intent With Precision

Kairos takes the guesswork out of retargeting. When consumers search for or click on products while visiting an e-commerce site, simple retargeting ads “chase” them all over the Internet, with no ability to determine the user’s real interest, immediacy to buy, or a simple fact that they have already purchased the products. The media money is spent, but where is the sale?

A consumer’s path to buying products is rarely a straight line. A more likely first exposure to your product is through social media, ads of all kinds or reading a review. As they land on your website or app to search or browse product details, they may often browse similar or related products, or add-on purchases to the products. They may also leave your site and then return later to complete the purchase or purchase a different product.

Kairos knows all the nodes along each consumer’s purchase path. The precision in its predictions is built on its ability to process large quantities of data from your e-commerce site and consumers’ interactions with your ads on news or hobby sites.

Intelligent Data Drives Relevance & Sales

Kairos’ predictive model uses trillions of real-time data signals collected from your e-commerce site, ads served across all channels, CRM, and contextual signals (such as weather, location, time).  The vast amounts of data provide an unprecedented level of granularity about the consumer’s likes and dislikes, when and how they buy. Much like Google’s page-rank algorithms, Kairos algorithmic ranking of “likely to buy” products specific to each consumer ensures relevance, increases engagement, and speeds sales. Detecting a product or a substitute product has been purchased, Kairos recommends adjacent products that are relevant to this consumer–all driven by data.

What’s more? Kairos identifies high purchase-intent audiences for your brand, allowing media platforms to deliver ads to those individuals while they are “in-market” for your products. Having the ability to measure successful conversions, you can continue to optimize products and audiences.

Intelligent Data Drives Relevance & Sales
eCommerce Marketing on Any Browser

E-Commerce Marketing On Any Browser

Today, most browsers prohibit the use of third-party cookies and fingerprinting. But you need not lose sleep over how to build 1:1 relationships with individual consumers without relying on third-party cookies. Jivox first-party identity (IQiD) enables personalized digital commerce marketing on any browser by combining first-party data with contextual triggers. Using consented data that you own, coupled with real-time contextual data to signal the right place and moment, you can deliver omnichannel personalization while being compliant with regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

The Jivox Difference

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Campaign Optimization
Significantly improve the performance of e-commerce campaigns over basic re-targeting messages

Multi-format support icon

Multi-Format Support
Scale creative across media, creative formats and platforms to reduce production costs significantly

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Scalable Data & Integrations
Manage complex data and feed integrations needed for real-time pricing, offers and product inventory

First-party identity icon

First-Party Identity
Deliver personalization in a privacy-compliant way using consented first-party data and contextual triggers

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