Jivox Achieves 43% Growth in Annualized Recurring Revenue; First Among SaaS Personalized DCO Companies To Add 10 Of The F100 Brands To Its Stellar Customer Base

Year ending December 2021 revealed 96% gross and 140% net revenue retention, demonstrating digital marketing leaders are embracing first-party data-driven personalization

San Mateo, Calif. —February 8, 2022 — Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, today announced its fourth quarter 2021 results highlighting a 43% growth in ARR. SaaS revenue has reached 80% of total revenue, signaling that customers are moving towards deploying Jivox as core infrastructure for personalization in the enterprise. Jivox’s 96% gross retention rate speaks volumes not only about the superior support the company provides to customers in ensuring their campaigns’ success but also about the product’s responsiveness to customer needs with capabilities that anticipate all levels of maturity along their personalization journeys. The 140% net revenue retention demonstrates increased investment by current customers in the Jivox platform, expanding across media channels and geographies to deploy personalization at all customer touchpoints.

Even as the advertising technology industry consolidates and adtech companies are being acquired, Jivox continues on a strong growth trajectory with commitment to true omnichannel delivery, customer journey optimization, and sales attribution–using data. Over the past few years, the company has laid down and executed on a roadmap that expands the optimization of dynamic creative to dynamic content, combining personalized ads, email and website.

“It’s great to see the increased adoption of dynamic content optimization (DCO) among large, global brands–now 10 of the F100 companies are using the Jivox personalization platform,” said Diaz Nesamoney, President and CEO of Jivox. “Across key industries, we now serve three of the five largest global CPG companies, two of the 10 largest US banks, two of the five largest global apparel companies, and two of the 10 largest global tech companies. As more brand customers are selling directly to consumers, from retail, CPG to banking, digital commerce is driving a combination of personalized email and website personalization as well as display, social media, video, and CTV advertising.”

A visionary and three-time entrepreneur who was twice named a top 50 SaaS CEO by The Software Report, Mr. Nesamoney foresaw digital commerce to be a key revenue driver and led Jivox to file and, in 2020, received the industry’s first patented purchase prediction engine for e-commerce. In anticipation of third-party cookie deprecation and consented first-party data as the currency of real-time, omnichannel personalization delivery and attribution for digital marketing, Jivox in December of 2021 rolled out IQ Blaze, the real-time event processing and analytics infrastructure that collects consented real-time consumer engagement events from advertisements and content delivered by Jivox as well as data collection endpoints on a brand’s website or app. The two core components of IQ Blaze are:

  • High Performance Analytics that gives brand customers unlimited scale of report execution and powerful ad hoc reports;
  • Data Clean Room (DCR) that enables brands to create sophisticated segmentation, attribution and conversion tracking analytics using data from Jivox IQ executed campaigns. Jivox IQ DCR allows access to this data in real-time, enabling brands to combine the data with other data from data platforms, attribution platforms and many other sources without extensive copying and matching that was previously required.

“Jivox is well positioned to capitalize on key trends that continue to challenge the industry: consumer privacy and regulations, third-party cookie deprecation and the need to connect identity across channels (Jivox IQiD), and on top of these, the exponential growth of digital commerce. The future of marketing needs to put the consumer at the center via personalized experiences, Jivox has the vision and technology to help global brands achieve this at scale.” Mr. Nesamoney concluded.

About Jivox
Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing by connecting brands with their audiences in the most personalized way. Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas technology drives engagement and digital commerce across paid and owned media, delivering ROI by reducing production costs and increasing media performance using big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO), and identity technologies. Jivox Purchase Prediction Engine drives sales by matching the right products with consumers that have the highest purchase intent. Jivox is SOC 2® Type 2 certified and trusted by hundreds of leading companies including Electronic Arts, Marriott International, Mazda, Nestle, T-Mobile, Unilever and more.