Jivox Customers Save $642 Million in Dynamic Creative Production Cost, With Over $1 Billion Overall Return on Investment

ROI analysis of leading global brands shows significant savings with increased efficiency and scale using Jivox’s dynamic creative optimization platform

San Mateo, CA — June 9, 2020 — Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, today published results from a comprehensive ROI analysis of its predominantly Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 customers on their use of Jivox personalization technology, leading to $642 million cost savings and over $1 billion in ROI throughout 2019. Creative production costs and media performance improvements were analyzed using the ROI model for more than two dozen global brands across seven industries: e-commerce, CPG, travel and hospitality, automotive, interactive entertainment, telecommunications, and banking and financial services.

The Jivox DCO ROI model analyzed the differences in cost, pre- and post-Jivox DCO technology deployment, across the production of digital marketing creative and content in display, social, video advertising, email personalization and dynamic personalized web pages.  Jivox’s powerful Dynamic Canvas technology™, which automatically generates thousands to millions of personalized content variations from a single master creative design, was a key contributor to these cost savings. Cost savings were also realized by the use of Jivox’s Dynamic Image Resizing technology, enabling brands to re-use existing images and feeds without having to manually edit and resize them for various creative and content formats.

“Brands have had to significantly increase their spend on creative production to ensure creative and content is tailored to individuals based on language, location, interests and context. Similarly, the proliferation in engagement formats on social media, over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) have also contributed to significant cost escalations,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “With the increased challenges of retail sales post-COVID-19, brands are also dramatically shifting their focus to personalized direct-to-consumer marketing. This, however, threatens to escalate the already ballooning creative production costs at a time when brands are also facing budget pressures to do more with less. While delivering relevant content to increase consumer engagement is a brand’s best chance to gain mindshare directly with consumers, it can’t be done with production teams manually creating each piece of content with little ability to modify and customize across a global company. The use of DCO technology delivers immediate cost savings and helps achieve these 1:1 personalized marketing goals and global brands using Jivox are seeing this firsthand.”

Brand campaigns included in the ROI analysis delivered 5,124,640 creative variations across display, video, mobile, social and email formats. With the inclusion of asset variations (i.e. individual product images in rotation), 148,641,417 unique variations of personalized messages were delivered by these brands to over 2 billion consumers across the globe.

Jivox identified three brands with the most creative variations: 2.4 million for a Fortune 500 hospitality brand, 1.6 million for a Fortune 100 sports apparel brand, and 115,700 for a Global 500 automotive brand. Using audience and contextual data as personalization triggers, Jivox saw 1500, 150 and 500 decisioning rules being used by the respective brands to scale personalization across their audiences.

DCO Technology at Work diagram

For more information, download Jivox’s latest white paper highlighting an ROI model entitled Smart Ways Brands Are Saving Money on Creative Production and Boosting Media Performance Using Dynamic Creative (DCO) Technology.

About Jivox
Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing. We connect brands with their audiences in the most personalized way: using big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), customer journey optimization and identity technologies to deliver user-consented omni-channel precision marketing. With Jivox, brands can track, measure, and optimize customer paths–starting from a brand website, email, or exposure to an advertisement–that are driving engagement and conversions. Through automation, Jivox delivers ROI by reducing production costs and increasing media performance. Jivox is trusted by hundreds of leading companies including Marriott International, Toyota, Sony, AirBnB, Mazda, Pepsi and more. Jivox has been recognized by Forrester as a leader in creative advertising technologies, and is able to offer large global brands both experience and maturity.