Jivox Introduces AI-Powered Creative And Media Analytics With Real-Time LiveBoards

AI-Powered Creative And Media Analytics With Real-Time LiveBoards

A significant addition to Jivox omnichannel personalization platform, putting control in the hands of marketers seeking to improve creative and media performance for achieving relevance at scale

San Mateo, CA, October 17, 2023 — Jivox, the personalized commerce marketing technology leader, today announced the breakthrough enhancements to IQ Blaze Analytics, Powered by Snowflake. The current release provides high-impact metrics in a package, combining instant creative and media analytics in one place. Market-leading IQ Blaze Analytics delivers creative clarity through in-line creative previews via LiveBoards, which are live, interactive charts and graphs displayed in a dashboard format. Keeping user experience in focus, IQ Blaze Analytics visualization is paired with the natural-language query capability that puts the control and insights at the fingertips of the busy, modern-day digital marketers.

IQ Blaze Analytics is built on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform and produces fast queries, drill downs and various analytics from the petabytes of data generated by marketing campaigns run on the Jivox platform.

“IQ Blaze Analytics is a breakthrough innovation,” said Jivox founder & CEO, Diaz Nesamoney. “What’s unique about these enhancements to our IQ platform are the depth and granularity of the data–because it’s not only at the campaign performance level, but down to creative, asset, product, and audience levels. Within creative performance, IQ Blaze Analytics drills further down to specific messaging and products. Importantly, this data is organized into powerful insights that enable marketers to truly understand key performance drivers. In this release, insights can be visualized in real time through intuitive, natural language queries, exactly when and how marketers want it. Marketers can be notified about creative fatigue or drops in performance, allowing them to make adjustments to creative or strategy in real time and to restore performance immediately, getting the best ROI on media performance.”

“Marketing leaders at large global advertisers can divine greater, more precise insights in their personalized marketing activations thanks to Jivox’s innovations on the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said David Wells, Industry Principal, Media, Entertainment, & Advertising at Snowflake. “Our scalable platform allows Jivox to collect and process all manner of data. Moreover, Jivox makes insights associated with that massive volume of data accessible, which allows advertisers to identify segments or micro segments of individuals whose shopping activity is a little different or whose affinities might skew towards specific products at specific times of the year.”

“As third-party cookies go away from the digital marketing ecosystem, and with increasingly more media platforms turning into walled gardens, brands that want to control their own destiny must invest in strong campaign data management infrastructure in order to enable audience creation, attribution and measurement of their own,” Mr. Nesamoney added.

With Jivox’s technology, brands are able to measure offline attribution, such as store sales as a result of consumers seeing the ad creative. This type of sales attribution requires significant data processing: by matching offline sales data with online sales data. All of this data with actionable insights are available in IQ Blaze Analytics.

IQ Blaze Analytics Enhancements: Key Benefits

Gain Instant Creative Clarity

  • See which creatives outperform the rest of the pack with previews built directly into visualizations
  • Assess real-time campaign data for actionable insights
  • Get an instant performance snapshot by accessing LLM generated graphs of KPIs

Share Insights Intuitively

  • Build, save, and share custom LiveBoards for the metrics that matter
  • Create visualizations with a choice of charts for any KPIs
  • One-click sharable insights – no screenshots to PowerPoint needed

Harness AI For Queries Using Natural Language

  • A “search engine” for campaign data: ask Jivox for specific insights, and LiveBoard charts will be auto-generated instantly
  • Drill down to learn more about a specific creative, day, placement and more with one click
  • AI-powered natural language queries mean anyone can dig deeper into performance, no data science qualifications necessary

“Relevance is measured through analytics based on the granular data we collect,” Mr. Nesamoney added. “Only then, marketers can compare different messages for different audiences and really zero-in on what is working best for each audience. That allows them to produce the right type of creative, the right type of messaging, and the right type of offers. That works best to engage consumers and ultimately produce more sales.”

IQ Blaze Analytics and its advanced enhancements are available immediately to customers using Jivox’s omnichannel personalization platform based on its automated Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology. Read more about IQ Blaze Analytics or Contact Jivox to learn about product options and pricing.

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Jivox enables global brands to easily and cost effectively personalize their marketing through automation, delivering relevant user experience for consumers while driving revenue growth. Our award-winning, advanced Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform harnesses the power of AI, data-driven decisioning, and optimization along with automated analytics and attribution technology to deliver measurable increases in media performance for the enterprise. Trusted by brands like Mazda, Williams-Sonoma, Marriott, T-Mobile, and P&G, we have helped marketers achieve more than 80% reduction in personnel costs for creative production and campaign management workflows while boosting ROAS on an average of 175%.