Jivox Unveils IQ DaVinci: Scales Giant Eagle’s Retail Media For Advertisers

Jivox Unveils IQ DaVinci: Scales Giant Eagle’s Retail Media For Advertisers

A breakthrough self-service platform enabling retailers and advertisers to launch dynamic product ads for commerce media in three easy steps.

San Mateo, CA, September 19, 2023 — Jivox, the personalized dynamic creative technology leader, today introduced Jivox IQ DaVinci, a new product for commerce media set to spark a renaissance in the commerce media market. Giant Eagle’s newly formed retail media platform, Leap Media Group (Leap), is among a select group using IQ DaVinci to launch new or scale existing offerings. With a fully automated, self-service platform, Jivox empowers the media teams of CPG brands to activate and optimize ad campaigns with speed and ease. Specifically, IQ DaVinci’s predefined creative and campaign templates with built-in decisioning logic and integration with first-party product data require only three simple steps to launch a commerce media campaign, instantly removing the need for creative or data skills that have been a major hurdle for advertisers looking to invest in commerce media.

In 2022, commerce media worldwide skyrocketed to $114 billion according to Statista, citing a GroupM report. Commerce marketing has evolved from just product listing and search ads to today’s powerful, data-driven dynamic product ads. Jivox DCO and automation technology has been a key success driver for these dynamic product ads through the delivery of significantly higher media performance. Jivox allows retailers to rapidly scale the adoption of their commerce media networks by enabling brand media teams to activate self-service campaigns in three simple steps, eliminating the expensive margin-destroying manual processes being used today.

“Commerce media has the potential of becoming the third largest media format after search and social media. And, Jivox IQ DaVinci is one of the most exciting products we have launched. It is a game changer for retailers and brands looking to scale their commerce media programs,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder & CEO of Jivox. “We are thrilled to have Giant Eagle as a partner, working side by side in an automation journey to scale personalized experiences for brands and their consumers.”

Leap allows brands to leverage the unique and impactful insights garnered through one of the industry’s richest loyalty programs to reach consumers during key decision-making moments. After more than 30 years of delivering world-class loyalty for the business and value for its customers, Giant Eagle’s loyalty platform remains an innovative and dynamic tool for the company and now external partners can tap into that value.

“First-party data-driven media is so important to the future of high-performing digital advertising in a privacy-first world. Yet, many retailers today find it difficult to scale up this revenue stream due to the challenges posed by building personalized creative with products and offers relevant to individual consumers,” said Joell Robinson, Giant Eagle Senior Director, Leap Media & Sales. “Jivox IQ DaVinci is helping Giant Eagle scale our retail media network offering in three ways: A self-service activation portal for advertisers that allows personalized dynamic creative campaigns to launch quickly and easily; sophisticated feed management that enables advertisers to add product assets, offers, and pricing to ads dynamically in real-time; and AI-Driven optimization algorithms that use first-party data to deliver performance.”

Jivox IQ DaVinci enables commerce media campaign activation in minutes, not days, serving relevant dynamic product ads to individual consumers via three steps:

  1. SELECT: Select from a pre-approved library of predefined creative and full campaign templates using a variety of strategies, including prospecting, retargeting and full funnel. Then, select the products or categories for promotion from a product feed.
  2. PREVIEW:  See instant previews of all of the dynamic product ad variations generated by IQ DaVinci.
  3. LAUNCH:  Launch ads in minutes on the commerce media network. Gain insights into campaign performance immediately from the analytics and reporting.

With a single workflow and consistent cross-channel reporting and optimization, IQ DaVinci makes it easy for advertisers to achieve greater efficiency in campaign activation across commerce media networks. Built on the award winning, patented Jivox IQ Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology, IQ DaVinci comes with the following key features:

  • Self-service, 3-step process for launching commerce media campaigns
  • Pre-built campaign and creative templates with built-in campaign logic enabling media teams to launch campaigns without having to handle creative or complex DCO workflows
  • AI-driven performance optimization algorithms such as creative optimization and product recommendations fully built into the templates
  • Retailer feeds are pre-integrated and available for selection and activation in minutes
  • Onsite and offsite ad personalization and measurement
  • Pre-integrated and certified with leading Retail Media Networks

Visit Jivox IQ DaVinci to learn more.

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Jivox enables global brands to easily and cost effectively personalize their marketing through automation, delivering relevant user experience for consumers while driving revenue growth. Our award-winning,  Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform harnesses the power of AI, data-driven decisioning, and optimization along with automated analytics and attribution technology to deliver measurable increases in media performance for large enterprises. Trusted by brands like Williams-Sonoma, T-Mobile, Nestle and P&G, we have helped marketers achieve more than 80% reduction in personnel costs for creative production and campaign management workflows while boosting ROAS on an average of 175%.