Programmable Personalization

Jivox Programmable Personalization Platform integrates creative, data and media workflows from disparate technologies and enables them to work together seamlessly.

The division between extremely complex, siloed media, data and creative workflows in executing personalized digital marketing campaigns has always challenged brands. In order to effectively address the problem, Jivox worked with the leading creative, data and media platform providers, as well as creative and media agencies and brand teams, to develop Programmable Personalization. Media and creative teams will benefit from a simplified and streamlined process while still maintaining thorough control of campaigns. 

The First Adoption And Implementation
Of Programmable Personalization

Mindshare, the global media agency network, part of WPP, will be the first to adopt and implement Jivox’s Programmable Personalization, with the APIs serving as a core enabling technology in agency’s just-released ‘ANNA’.

Key Enhancements To The Jivox IQ Platform Through Programmable Personalization

Decision Graph™ technology enabling personalization strategies to be developed in third-party tools and ingested by the Jivox IQ platform via APIs. Built with a patent-pending technology, it facilitates:

  • Invocation of the Jivox IQ data integrations, the decisioning engine, optimizer and machine learning based recommendations via a single unified language
  • Rich visual representations of personalization strategy for a campaign

A set of robust APIs for third-party creative, workflow and media execution tools to seamlessly integrate into Jivox IQ in order to activate campaigns. This integration makes available the entire breadth of the Jivox IQ platform capabilities—including creative, data, machine learning based optimization and scoring as well as media execution. The specific APIs offered include:

  • Creating ads, campaigns, decision trees and graphs, asset sources (feeds, asset libraries)
  • Enabling third parties to develop machine learning training models and upload them into Jivox IQ, or input optimization scores for users to be used for personalization or media targeting
  • Reading and/or writing data from the Jivox Personalization Hub™

How It Works




“Programmable Personalization establishes a ‘lingua franca’ for different, incompatible technologies to speak to each other, and for partners to develop and deliver key workflow tools to reduce the cost and time to activate personalized digital marketing campaigns.”

Diaz Nesamoney, Chairman and CEO of Jivox

Efficient Workflow In One Platform

The Decision Graph technology and APIs provide marketers with a broad set of choices of technologies and platforms, seamlessly tying them together into a single harmonious workflow.  For example, creative output from one vendor can be uploaded and easily married to data from yet another vendor and then delivered post-personalization by Jivox IQ to a media platform. Moreover, users will be able to stay within a single creative or media planning workflow, avoiding time-wasting hops across platforms.