Personalized Commerce Case Study: Home Retailer

A Fortune 500 Kitchenware & Home Furnishings Retailer Decorates Its eCommerce Division With Jivox Personalized Commerce Marketing

Lift in display CTR
over industry benchmark

Lift in video CTR
over industry benchmark

Increase in ROAS

Building An eCommerce Powerhouse
With The Commerce Marketing Cloud

>70% Sales
From eCommerce Channels

Despite starting off as a brick and mortar business, this brand has quietly transformed it’s online business to become one of the Top 25 eCommerce retailers in the US, and the largest non-pure play eCommerce brand in the home furnishings category.

Over a short period of just 3 months, the brand was able to run 30 campaigns and 92 promotions across 10 brands using a mix of prospecting, retargeting, and recommendation-based logic.

The brand is also experimenting with owned media personalization in the form of email personalization, to streamline the customer journey.

30 Promotions
Set Up Within Only 2 Days

Brewing A Pot Full Of Success

With over 70% of sales being generated through eCommerce channels, this brand needed an agile, scalable Commerce Marketing solution that would help them:

Scale eCommerce Marketing Campaigns

across different brands and channels

Automate The Generation
Of Ads

particularly carousel ads without compromising the look and feel of their individual brands

Process Multiple Feeds

to inform the products represented in their personalized ads

Personalization Technology That Makes Every
Touchpoint Feel Like Home

The brand was seeking a true DCO experience that would provide a consistent personalization experience across touchpoints. For this they needed a complete omnichannel solution that would run high volumes of full-funnel ads, with capabilities to auto-optimize based on purchase trends through an AI/ML powered algorithms.

The brand’s journey with Jivox began with Dynamic Product Ads and with time, they built on this to incorporate more advanced Commerce Marketing features – Feed-Based Decisioning and the ever-popular Bestseller Recommendation Engine.

Dynamic Canvas Studio For Dynamic Product Ads

Rather than use run-of-the-mill templates, the brand used Jivox’s flexible Dynamic Canvas technology to produce personalized ads in a carousel format that incorporated important branding elements in the look and feel.

Feed-Based Decisioning

Using Jivox’s feed processing and decisioning, the brand was able to enhance the selection of products shown for user consideration with ease. Our feed-based decisioning feature helped:

  • Showcase the brand’s choice of 5 relevant products in the carousel ads – 2 based on retargeting data and 3 populated based on bestseller recommendation logic
  • Reduce the decisioning logic from 1000 rules to merely 20 rules to streamline the setup workflow

Bestseller Recommendation Engine

The brand used Jivox’s powerful Bestseller Recommendation Engine to personalize their Dynamic Product Ads with bestselling products based on the location of the viewer and the product category of the last viewed or added-to-cart items. This ensured a higher probability of engagement and purchase, despite limited previous browsing behaviour on users.

Ad samples

Picking A Winning Strategy

The brand’s large scale campaigns, driven by sophisticated personalization strategies would have been impossible to manage without data-driven automation from a centralized platform.

    • Location-specific product availability
    • Product category of the last viewed or added-to-cart items
    • Demographics and other audience data triggers
  • 8 feeds and 13 creative masters were used in the retargeting campaigns, with a range of 1000-23000 products in each feed
  • The brand generated millions of different creative variations in the form of static and dynamic videos, animated GIFs and carousel ads that were aligned to changing consumer preferences.



Dynamic Elements


Optimize Your Data Strategy For Personalization

This monster of a brand in the DCO space, has enhanced their go-to-market digital strategy by infusing data into its campaigns at every step. Jivox has been instrumental in designing some of the most complex personalization strategies (based on the brand’s needs and preferences) that have delivered the most relevant ad experiences to the brand’s shoppers and prospects.

Anjili Agarwal,
Customer Success, Jivox